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KINAL: EDEKAP has been investigating allegations of irregularities in the first round of elections since Sunday 5/12

The competent Committee of the Movement for Change for the elections (Statute and Certification Committee – EDEKAP), late last night, issued a statement on the allegations of irregularities in the first round of the internal party elections that came to light with the letter of the candidate for presidency of George Papandreou’s party.

EDEKAP states that it is already examining, from the evening of Sunday, December 5, all the issues that were brought to its attention and that concern the electoral process, in particular the non-observance, in some cases, of its guidelines, which, however, do not affect the end result.

It also states that as the competent body, in view of the vote on December 12, it will issue a new circular for the faithful observance of the rules by all.

Finally, he welcomes the mass turnout of 271,000 members and friends of the Movement for Change and invites them to go to the polls again on Sunday, December 12.

Meanwhile, in the same direction as EDEKAP, the company OTS, which supports the voting network of the internal party elections in KINAL, with an announcement signed by the president and CEO, Sp. Pampoukidis, explains that the system operated electronically by 99, 2% and that in individual cases it did not work due to problems on the internet. In consultation with EDEKAP, handwritten statements were kept, which were integrated into the electronic recording when the connection was restored.


Source From: Capital

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