KINAL Elections: 206,196 citizens voted – The polls closed

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The voting of the 2nd round for the election of a new leader in the Movement for Change proceeded normally with the polls closing at 19.30, after an extension of half an hour, while minimal and individual problems were recorded in some areas.

The turnout is considered satisfactory and according to information from EDEKAP, the committee responsible for internal party elections, 206,196 citizens voted.

The first indicative results will be announced approximately 1.5 hours after the end of the voting.

The statements of the presidential candidates

“Today is a great day for our country, the Democratic Party and PASOK. Today, the dreams and aspirations of all generations come together. I ask again this Sunday for great participation from the progressive Democrats who came on the first Sunday. “I ask for a clear mandate so that we can all together make the Democratic Party strong and proud again”, said Nikos Androulakis.

At the polling station for the internal party elections that operates in the City Hall of Nice, George Papandreou voted shortly after 11:00.

The former prime minister who is claiming the leadership of KINAL against Nikos Androulakis, said after exercising his right to vote that “last Sunday, with the large turnout we had, we sent a message of hope for a large faction, which will be beneficial for place “.

Mr. Papandreou also stressed: “Today, all the democrats at the polls, we vote for a strong leadership of the Movement, with a strong voice in Parliament, for a fair and green society. From tomorrow we have a lot of work and new struggles for its Greece. justice, foresight and humanity “.

Andreas Loverdos’s right to vote in Metamorfosi, shortly before 11. “Today marks the end of the great celebration of the Democratic Party,” said Andreas Loverdos, who voted this morning in Metamorfosi. He added characteristically that “as a loyal and combative soldier, I participate with joy and honor in the electoral process with the same message as last Sunday: PASOK is ahead. Greece is high”.

Pavlos Geroulanos exercised his right to vote today at noon at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, where he made the following statement:

“Citizen participation is very encouraging and fills us with responsibilities. Because from now on we have work to do and we must all do it together, to present a program that will be an alternative proposal in the local political scene today. With this in mind and with this goal, I will work the next day with whoever is elected president. ”

As announced on Friday by the competent Committee of KINAL for the internal party elections (EDEKAP), those who had voted last Sunday, in the first round, have the right to vote and will not pay 3 euros again.

They were caught in the hands of Orchomenos – Cancellation of the procedure in Eretria

The first episodes took place in Orchomenos during the election process for the election of the new president of KINAL.

According to SKAI, the bloodshed ignited when returning from a short break, the representative of George Papandreou saw a representative of Nikos Androulakis trying to register on the tablet voters who had not voted, as a result of which they were caught in the arms. However, so far it remains unknown what will happen with the votes of the department.

According to information from TheTOC, there was a problem in the Eretria constituency, as no votes were registered in the electronic system since the beginning of the process and the opening of the ballot box.

When the mistake was found, a complaint was made to EDEKAP, which decided to cancel the entire process and close the polling station, in order not to raise any issue of invalidity after the announcement of the result.

The results of the first round

Nikos Androulakis is the favorite from the first round. Objective data show that most chances are on the side of the Cretan MEP.

Nikos Androulakis collected a significant percentage of votes in the first round, 98,431 votes and a percentage of 36.88% and left behind by almost 10 points difference his opponent George Papandreou who was voted by 74,093 citizens, a percentage of 27.97%.

Of the candidates who did not make it to the second round, Andreas Loverdos, who collected the most 69,411 votes, openly supported Nikos Androulakis in the second round, thus greatly increasing the chances of a sure victory.

The rest of the candidates did not want to give a line and left their voters free to act at will. If Haris Kastanidis and Pavlos Geroulanos, who have been ministers of George Papandreou, had sided in his favor, a dynamic could have been created in the camp of the former prime minister, but something did not happen in the end. On the other hand, even if it adds up all the votes received by Messrs. Christidis Geroulanos and Kastanidis together with those of George Papandreou, they are far behind the sum of the votes of Androulakis and Loverdos.

With information from AMPE, TheTOC, SKAI


Source From: Capital

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