King Charles III at the table: this is what the king eats

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Even kings eat like ordinary mortals. And it is said that their meals are lavish. Not in the case of Charles III, at least. The new ruler, as he reveals The Independent, he has been skipping lunch for yearsas the trend of intermittent fasting imposes, indulging just one breakfast and one evening meal, both light. His day usually starts with a very simple boiled egg, even if to listen to the rumours, pleasing Carlo is not easy at all. According to The Independent the egg in question should be cooked over low heat, following the strict instructions of the king, for a maximum of three minutes. The BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman a few years ago had even said that on Carlo’s table they are arranged every morning seven eggs, to make sure the royal finds one just done right. “Since his staff were never sure if the egg was the right consistency, he made the decision to prepare a batch of eggs and place them on the table in a sequence of increasing cooking. If the prince thinks that the number five is too liquid, so it can break the shell of the six or seven», reads a chapter of On Royalty, written by Paxman in 2006.

True or not, that King Charles III starts the day with a hard-boiled egg is a certainty. Although when he is at Highgrove, his country residence, and has no urgent commitments, he sometimes replaces breakfast with brunch. And he gets served a pie that he loves: the Cheesy Baked Eggs, eggs cooked in the oven with typical English cheeses, spinach, cherry tomatoes and basil. All accompanied by fruit juice and tea. The word lunch, on the other hand, hasn’t existed in his vocabulary for years. Because, according to royal sources, consider lunch “a luxury that interferes with his commitments”.

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The boiled egg as told The Independent it also returns to the king’s table at dinner. Served this time with stemming lettuce Ducky Home Farmthe farm within the residence of Highgrove House where King Charles III practices organic farming since 1986. The sovereign himself crushes the egg and mixes it with lettuce, a ritual followed by cheeses served with a couple of crackers that his valet must first heat in a pan until it reaches a certain temperature. King Charles, the “green” royal ahead of everyone, in an interview last year then revealed that to reduce his personal impact on the environment avoid eating meat or fish at least twice a week. And just in recent days, responding to requests from animal rights activists, banned the Foie gras from the menu of all royal residences.

The sovereign himself then, like the other members of the royal family, is in turn subject to some prohibitions at the table. For example can’t eat seafood. Always, but especially on state trips. This because in the past it has happened that a Windsor, on an official visit abroad, ended up with a good intoxication intestinal that upset the plans, and it was embarrassing to have to explain it to the press. And since official commitments fill every royal’s agenda, the prohibition has been extended in “forever” mode. The ban includes: shrimp cocktail, lobster, oysters, mussels and clams. But it seems that Carlo, who goes crazy for all this, secretly eats it.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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