King Charles sues Elon Musk for failing to pay rent on Twitter’s London headquarters

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The King of England, Charles III, is the “landlord” of Elon Muskthe second richest man in the world. Yet, apparently, it is a very disgruntled landlord. As revealed by the BBC the Crown Estate, which administers the sovereign’s estates, has in fact denounced Twitter – and accordingly Elon Musk – for failing to pay the rent on the London office in the Piccadilly Circus area. The rent would not be paid from October 2022, the same month in which the tycoon bought the social platform for 44 billion dollars (about 40 billion euros). There BBC reports that the Crown Estate took the action against Twitter as a last resort, after unsuccessfully contacting the company, multiple times, about late rent payments.

The company, in 2021, had signed a lease from £2.6 million (about 2.9 million euros) for the third floor of the building in Piccadilly Circus. But it is believed that the “actual dispute” concerns the first-floor office that Twitter occupies in the same building since 2014. For the moment what Musk thinks of the matter is a mystery: the tycoon has not (yet) produced social comments and the British branch of Twitter has not responded to requests for clarification from the British press.

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Of course it is, as the New York Times, that the new dispute coincides with the one that was reported last December. Then it came out that “Twitter, to cut costs», for weeks he hadn’t paid the rent “on his headquarters in San Francisco and all its offices around the world». The owner of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters has filed legal action against the company in recent months. And now King Charles has decided to do the same.

The deal Twitterin short, continues to create trouble for the new owner Elon Musk. Since the tycoon bought the platform on October 27, thousands of people have abandoned their profiles, advertisers have left, thousands of employees They were fired, others left of their own free willall the apparatus he managed the security of the data of millions of users was dismantled and technical problems begin to emerge. All we needed was the new royal tile.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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