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Kiosk in honor of Moïse opens in Rio de Janeiro

Kiosk in honor of Moïse opens in Rio de Janeiro

The kiosk in honor of Congolese Moïse Kabagambe was inaugurated this Thursday (30), in Parque Madureira, North Zone of Rio, on the Independence Day of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The space has a total area of ​​154m², capacity for 60 seats and will house a memorial to celebrate African culture.

The project carried out by the City of Rio in partnership with Orla Rio, the concessionaire that manages the city’s kiosks, aims to offer a business opportunity for the family to undertake and be a center of Congo’s culture so that it is disseminated to the cariocas and tourists.

In addition to relatives of the Congolese and representatives of the prefecture, members of the Consulate of Congo and UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, also attended the ceremony.

Moïse was beaten to death at a kiosk in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio, in January of this year, after a disagreement with other employees at the site. Three men were charged with the murder of the 24-year-old and are under arrest.

The Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) filed a lawsuit in court asking the members of the two kiosks where the young man worked to be held accountable for subjecting the Congolese and other workers to conditions analogous to slavery.

Initially, the family would take over the same kiosk where Moïse was killed. However, for fear of suffering reprisals, the family gave up the concession on the site and opted for the space in Parque Madureira.

Source: CNN Brasil