Kombi remake is presented at Rock in Rio; see changes from the new version

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Darling for travelers and backpackers, the van it has been manufactured again and already has a large list of future owners. The car is still not expected to be manufactured or marketed in Brazil, but two pilot models landed for the first time in Latin America to be shown at the Rock in Rio .

The report of CNN caught curious visitors with the operation of the kombi remake interacting with the vehicle. In addition to being electric, the new kombi is also automatic, with intelligent movement of doors and trunk.

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A moss green and a dark green version of the van were taken to the festival, in addition to a version of the old, more rounded model, which was discontinued in 2013. The new vehicle was baptized with the name ID.Buzz and is very different from the original, which began to be sold in 1957, becoming one of the first vehicle models in circulation in Brazil.

The manufacturer argues that sustainability technology is the main brand of the Kombi remake. There is a 77 kWh battery that supplies current to a 204 horsepower electric motor. With charging power ranging from 11 kW to 170 kW depending on the outlet, the vehicle’s battery level can rise from 5% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

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Vehicle technology systems allow signals from other vehicles and transport infrastructure to be used to detect hazards in real time, in addition to facilitating partially autonomous driving across the entire speed range. With the car it is also possible to change lanes assisted on the road.

Despite the action, the vice president of sales and marketing of Volkswagen, Roger Corassa, says that there is no forecast of launch in Brazil.

“[Ele] is a remarkable model for Brazil due to its close relationship with the Kombi, which marked the automotive market. We brought the electric Kombi because of the model’s remarkable history at music festivals many years ago, but we do not have any sales forecast in the region,” Corassa told CNN .

Source: CNN Brasil

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