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Kombucha, tupinambo and bread are among the flavors at the 31st restaurant at the ice cream festival

Who attends the 31 Restaurant in downtown São Paulo, you already know: creativity there is no shortage on the chef’s menus Raphael Vieira . From his kitchen, he questions the food system as we know it today and bets on a authorial menu rotating and seasonal, created from organic ingredients, and designed to be fully enjoyed.

Your creations, vegetarian and vegan are prepared from Brazilian inputs, such as tubers, fruits, leaves, stalks and roots, in addition to fresh preparations, such as whey, cheese, butter and creams, and with the ice creams the house is no different.

To say goodbye to summer 2023, the chef launches an ice cream festival – who thinks that it is only served at dessert time is wrong! Seven flavors are available – including unpublished recipes and blockbusters -, which can be ordered in the à la carte version (R$ 23 each) or in tasting rules with four flavors of the customer’s choice (R$ 80).

There are from the sorbets of spirulina it’s from kombucha – this one, made in house, with a flavor that changes weekly – to ice creams from Bread , Jerusalem artichoke and even from Onion . Complete the list of flavors Honey It is Banana candy .

Always in defense of discovering the powers and possibilities surrounding the ingredients, Raphael kept the thought in mind when creating the ice creams. “We’ve always tried to think of creations that go beyond the obvious for 31’s menus. And we’ve felt a positive response from the public: we see customers coming back precisely because of that. For the festival, we decided to keep this idea of ​​unusual flavors, but which are still very good”, adds and concludes the chef.

Ice Cream Festival 31 Restaurant

On display until: April 2

Available flavors: Spirulina and Kombucha sorbets. Bread Ice Cream, Tupinambo, Onion, Honey and Banana Jam.

Price: BRL 23 for à la carte; R$ 80 for the option with four flavors for tasting

31 Restaurant: Rua Rego Freitas, 301, Center of SP / Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, lunch from 12h to 15h and dinner from 19h to 23h; Saturday, lunch from 12:00 to 16:00 and dinner from 19:00 to 23:00; and Sunday, lunch from 12:00 to 16:00.

Source: CNN Brasil

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