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Kundalini Yoga and Sah Method together to achieve awareness

The yoga of awareness, or the kundalini and «ecstatic dance, breathwork, vocal release and use of positive affirmations to reprogram our internal narrative» with the San Method. Combining the two practices in his courses and workshops is Erica Qualizzaaka Rirri, a diminutive born from a play of sounds. Lawyer, now freelance, he founded the Very Prosperity Club which in 2024 includes a personalized meditation path, lessons every month and a retreat in Val di Mello in the summer, as well as surprise meditations on the profile of Instagramthe latter open to all.

Erica is also the only certified San Method teacher in Italyacronym for Somatic Activated Healing which combined with kudalini promotes liberation from the millions of thoughts, around 1000 every blink of an eye, that crowd our mind every day.

What differentiates Kundalini from other styles?
«It is a technology, as its founder Yogi Bhajan states. Forms, breath and mantras combine in a precise sequence and for a specific time. Each kriya, series of exercises, and meditation are designed to achieve a specific effect.”

Who can practice it?
“Everyone! You don’t have to be flexible, you don’t have to know asanas and you don’t have to know how to meditate silently. It is said that consistently practicing kundalini yoga for one year corresponds to 7 years of hatha yoga practice. Only after 9 minutes the internal frequency is already different compared to when you sat on the mat.”

What does a typical lesson look like?
«It has a fixed structure: it opens by vibrating mantras to open the practice space, followed by a bit of warm-up and then we move on to kriya, or the chosen sequence of exercises. Once the more physical part is finished you arrive at relaxation; to finish we meditate and to close the space we recite another mantra.”

In your workshops you combine Kundalini with the Sah Method, how did you discover this practice?
«The SAH Method entered my life by chance, following its founder, Sah d’Simone on Instagram. A teacher outside the box: funny, revolutionary, ironic. The practice is like a journey towards the healing process, you lovingly leave the comfort zone to build new balances.”

What struck you about this method?
«The union of ecstatic dance, breathwork, vocal release and use of positive affirmations to reprogram our internal narrative. It’s simple and immediate, I’ve also found it with my students who are approaching it for the first time.”

What benefits are obtained by combining the two practices?
«Liberation, first of all, from the millions of thoughts that crowd our mind. We return to the body through movement, which is the mantra of the Sah Method, that is, letting go of the stories of the mind and finding the sensations in the body. In this way we can truly experience living in the present, perceiving space and the mutability of life. Through kundalini yoga meditation this experience is completed by sealing its effects and imprinting them on a deep level, promoting greater awareness. We feel one with the constant flow of creation: limitless and powerful.”

Music is the basis of the practice of the Sah Method. How do you choose it?
«It is a fundamental part of all the practices I propose, even for kunhalini. But with the Sah Method I need a specific playlist, I build it based on the emotions I want to work on during the lesson.”

What benefits are obtained from the union of Kundalini with the San Method?
«Breathing brings you back into the body, roots you in the present and gives you the energy to practice with intention. The movement shakes the emotional baggage, passes through the body without the mind suffering from this processing.
With meditations you make peace with the mind: it helps to create space, possibilities, liberation from judgment and, finally, affirmations help to strengthen a new powerful internal vocabulary and a new mentality.
By uniting kundalini we move towards a profound work of our nervous system which, once regulated, allows us to move from survival mode to a healing, receptive and creative state.”

What does the Very Prosperity Club consist of?
«It is the hat that contains all the courses scheduled for 2024 plus an exclusive retreat in the mountains for all its members. It is not mandatory to sign up for the complete package, you can decide to sign up for meditation or kundalini courses and so on. In January we start with 9 minute challenge, Activate your Inner Superpowers which as the name suggests will be a 21 day practice of just 9 minutes to change your frequency in a short time. In February, however, a fixed appointment with the Sah Method once a week. Each month will be structured with different proposals depending on the energies of the period.”

The next workshop will be held in Milan on December 16th at 4pm Loft spacehave you already decided which part of the mind and body you want to act on?
«It will aim to clarify what our desires are for a Very Prosperity life: taking advantage of the end of this year, what better time to choose to demonstrate? We will therefore work together on making space, building fertile ground to open up to new opportunities and making ourselves available to consider the unknown as an ally – instead of a fearful one! – on flowing at the frequency of possibilities, aware of our inner strength! (here the link to book ed)

Am I wrong or is the Loft Space a photography space?
«I always look for places that break the mold of classic yoga centers».

Erica Qualizza, teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Somatic Activated Healing

Source: Vanity Fair

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