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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian get a dig from Facetune, app for digital retouching

Kylie Jenner she immortalizes, in a post, her adventures in nature or rather, the «Kyventures» as she defines them in the caption. The entrepreneur, with her 378 million followers, is among the most followed celebrities on Instagram, thus surpassing even her famous older sister Kim Kardashian which has collected (for now) «««only»»» 341 million.

This is also why, the latter, she is keen to immediately point out an oversight à la Jenner: there is no tag of her brand Skims which, at that moment, Kylie Jenner was wearing.

The 42-year-old does so by commenting directly under the photo: “Can you tag Skims please? lol». The response of the 25-year-old is not long in coming: «I had to steal him (the boss) from mom’s house and now you want me to promote him??!! wow @skims».

A mini fuss arose on this exchange: there are those who argue that it is a natural and ironic teasing between sisters, those who instead perceive the rivalry between businesswomen, those who smell the smell of an argument and those who see it as an alternative publicity stunt to sponsor the brand.

The story is republished from the Instagram page @CommentsByCelebsfamous for collecting star comments under other stars’ posts.

unexpectedly, under the post about Kylie, Kim and their alleged feud for missing the tag, peeks out a comment that comes from the official profile of Facetune! Well yes, one of the most famous digital retouching apps in the world which, in no uncertain terms, throws a dig at both, taking up and reiterating Kim’s comment: “Can they tag me please? LOL.”

A clear allusion: the Kardashian-Jenners edit their photos and do so without acknowledging the credits to the medium that makes it possible.

That their photos, as well as those of millions of influencers and others, were often retouched is nothing new but… feeling the truth thrown in your face by the app that gives you the tools to change that same face is unexpected and a bit makes you smile.

Source: Vanity Fair

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