Lady Gaga at Che tempo che fa: between supporting the Zan Ddl and a little lesson for Madonna

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«Good evening, Fabio». The first words of Lady Gaga in the study of What’s the weather like on the occasion of his second interview on Italian TV after participating, at the beginning of his career, at the Those who football by Simona Ventura, between «tours» and «compliments» that still today crowd the Twitter and Instagram timeline from time to time. It is a more mature and wise Gaga who sits in Fabio Fazio’s living room, the only prestigious showcase for international stars who, in fact, in our country would not have many other TV programs to option for a promotional visit. Those who know Fazio’s style, however, a little ‘he knew that this chat would not have come up with any particular gem, and so it was. Frequently navigated questions on which Lady Gaga has expressed herself on more than one occasion, except for the one on the sinking of the Ddl Zan, the only newsworthy statement among a flood of compliments that, in some moments, seemed to make the pop star even uncomfortable.

At the time of the transmission of the images of the crowd gathered in Parco Sempione who, the day after the trap in the Senate, sang Born This Way waving the rainbow flags, Gaga is moved. “I would like to say something to the Italian LGBTQ + community: you are really brave, you are the kindest, you are an inspiration. You must be protected at all costs like all human beings living on the planet. I will continue to write songs for you and I will continue to fight for you “, says Gaga before remembering her Italian origins, her grandfather Giuseppe often thought of while filming last spring House of Gucci in our country. A country that he was unable to visit in depth due to the health emergency which, last March, had very high levels of infections: «We were in the red zone, I was trying to respect the rules: I was in my hotel room or on the set. I take this opportunity to thank all the people who work in the health sector who have helped and supported us during the film “, explains Gaga before returning to the beginnings of music, to the piano, to all those notions that Little Monsters they know by heart how the lines of Mom I missed the plane.

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Between an unsuccessful joke like the one about Queen Elizabeth who could dress in latex because, in 2009, Gaga met her like this and the usual question about her possible involvement in politics (“I don’t want to become part of the government”), the artist will move two more times during the interview: at the moment of the images of the performance of Shallow at the 2019 Oscars alongside Bradley Cooper and at the time of the delivery of the bouquet of flowers which, a few hours later, he would have dropped to the ground before returning to Palazzo Parigi. «I have never felt beautiful, but art and imagination make me feel beautiful, because they allow me to become what I want. This year I spent a lot of time in Italy, and it was the moment in which I felt the most beautiful ever in my life “, says Gaga, adding that, in Piazza di Spagna, women are beautiful, strong and vibrant, very far from those who live in America (take our word for it). The conversation with Fazio ends as it began: in Italian. “I love you”, glosses Lady Gaga before leaving the scene, giving a whole lot more warmth than Madonna that, six years earlier, a What’s the weather like she had sipped a glass of Sassicaia, but had very little unbuttoned (who knows what she would think on hearing the presentation of Fazio, who defined Gaga as the “greatest pop star on the planet”: the same label he had attached to her for the presentation of Rebel Heart).

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