Lady Louise Windsor, who loves horses like her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth

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Almost three months after the death of the prince Filippo, husband of the queen Elisabetta, the grandson Lady Louise Windsor paid tribute to his grandfather by driving his carriage on the occasion of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, the UK’s premier horse riding competition.

Lady Louise Windsor con i genitori (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

The seventeen-year-old daughter of Her Majesty’s youngest son, Edward, and Sophie of Wessex, is a great lover of horses, and despite her very young age she has already participated in several carriage races, the same ones loved by her deceased grandfather, who passed on this passion to her.

The five-day event also had a special guest last Saturday, Queen Elizabeth herself. Arriving at the wheel of her Range Rover, in better shape than ever, she appeared in an excellent mood, accompanied by the young Louise and her parents. Could this budding Lady be Her Majesty’s favorite niece?

Difficult to say, but certainly all the granddaughters have a special place in the heart of the queen, especially those who like Lady Louise do not like to get too noticed.. She is a “very reserved” girl, the mother told in a recent interview with Radio 5 Live, and has chosen not to have social media. She and her husband are very “protective”, confessed the countess, although they are aware that her daughter deserves to live the life of an ordinary seventeen-year-old.

Raised away from the spotlight, thanks to her premature birth which caused her eye problems as a child, solved with two surgeries, the first at 18 months, failed, the second at 10, successful perfectly, Lady Louise studies near Bagshot Park , where he lives with his family, and is very happy in Balmoral, where he spends the summer holidays with his parents, his younger brother James, and the sovereign. After all, the Wessex are really close to the queen.

Edoardo is the only son who has never given her amorous headaches: married for 22 years to the same woman, never a chat, never a gossip. A discreet and close-knit couple, despite her difficulties in entering the mechanisms of The Firm, “It took me ten years to get used to it,” he revealed recently. A commitment that the mother-in-law appreciated, considering Sophie more a daughter than a daughter-in-law. And the affection for her also translated into unconditional love for her children.

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