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‘Last Generation’ activists block central Berlin arteries, causing traffic jams

More than 20 central road junctions throughout the Berlin excluded members of the Letzte Generation climate group earlier today, causing morning traffic congestion. Activists, as usual, stuck their hands on the pavement, while in some cases incidents were threatened. Police warned drivers not to interfere and avoid self-incrimination.

According to the Berlin police, the activists blocked 21 points of the city’s road network, resulting in severe traffic jams almost throughout the capital. About 500 police officers are operating at the scene, while, in one case, a driver “tried to remove a person from the road”. “We understand that you are disturbed by the protests, but please do not take action, do not intervene and do not use violence,” the police said in a statement via the X platform (formerly Twitter). According to the organization, its members were today in 30 places in Berlin.

Yesterday, Sunday, a group of activists painted the Brandenburg Gate, the most important monument of the German capital, with orange paint. The police, despite being permanently at the scene, did not manage to prevent them, but proceeded to arrest 14 people, six of whom remain in custody, reports APE-MPE.

The “Last Generation” calls for the government to phase out fossil fuels such as lignite, oil and natural gas by 2030 rather than 2045, as the government’s plan calls for.

Source: News Beast

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