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Latvia prohibits by law the import of natural gas from Russia

The import of natural gas from Russia to Latvia is now prohibited, with a law approved by the Latvian parliament on Thursday.

The ban is part of a package of measures for Latvia to diversify its gas supply sources and build a strategic reserve.

The ban on gas imports from Russia – as part of measures against Moscow due to the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 – practically makes permanent a measure that had already been taken but was due to last until January 1, 2023.

The approved law stipulates that the authority that manages gas distribution must create a strategic reserve. This should be replenished each year by 31 August so that quantities are available for use across the country from 1 October to 30 April.

Russia was Latvia’s main gas supplier until this year. After Riga stopped buying energy from Moscow, it started importing gas from Lithuania and building a liquefied natural gas terminal.


Source: Capital

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