Laura G finally talks about the awkward moment she lived with ‘Capi’ Pérez

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Just a few days ago there was a rather awkward moment on the morning show joy come when host Laura G jokingly exposed a private topic from the life of comedian “Capi” Pérez to present the capsule he made in a section of the program.

Although “Capi” responded with his usual black humor, his annoyance was evident, which generated a strong controversy among the followers of the driver of la resolanaforcing the ex-conductor of News First to clarify the situation.

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image of the forum of the Venga la Alegría program with the main conductors in the picture

The moment that sparked great controversy was broadcast on January 19, when Laura G mentioned that she found “Capi” in a maternity clinic and the comedian responded sarcastically, but obviously annoyed.

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The Monterrey host and show reporter took advantage of her radio program to try to calm down all the attacks that came against her. In addition, she assured that she is surprised that everything they do in joy come it is always replicated through the media, so he detailed what he says happened so people have the full story.

In the forum, I ask ‘Capi’, and ‘Capi’ answers, but in the pea they were giving ‘Capi’ some instructions, so ‘Capi’ kind of got annoyed, but he didn’t go directly against me, or I mean, I would never do anything to ‘Capi’, not even humiliate him, but neither to him nor to people I don’t like, less to ‘Capi’ because I love him very much, I respect him.

They always put me as the villain of the situation in all the jobs I’ve had and, the truth is, I am a person who dedicates himself to work, who does get very involved sentimentally, emotionally.

After so many notes, I sent a message to ‘Capi’, where I told him ‘Capi, what’s up, I mean, there are a lot of false notes’. He tells me: ‘Lau, everything’s fine, it did bother me, but I’ve already released it.’ In other words, it was like he was bothered by the subject, but he was referring to something else, I’ll stay with that.

The ex-conductor of Saturday made it clear that he spoke with him standupper and even gave him a hug. In addition, she stressed that she does not want to have problems with anyone, much less with a person she considers her friend. However, she complained that several versions of a story are always handled, the one that is invented in the media, the one that everyone says and what really happened.

Image of Capi Pérez and Laura G in the Venga la alegría forum

Source: Okchicas

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