Lavrov accuses West of trying to remove Russia “from the political map of the world”

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov once again criticized the West in remarks at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Saturday, claiming that Western countries are intent on destroying Russia.

“They are not even ashamed to talk about inflicting military defeats on our country, but also about destroying and dismembering Russia; in other words, to make this independent geopolitical unit disappear from the world political map,” said Lavrov.

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Lavrov has also brought to light other global conflicts in which the US has been involved, using a much-used “whataboutism” tactic that US officials see as designed to distract and undermine.

“We all remember how under false pretenses aggressive wars were unleashed against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, far from American shores, which claimed many hundreds of thousands of civilian lives,” he said.

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“Have any of these countries affected the legitimate interests of the West? Have they banned English or the languages ​​of other NATO member countries, banned Western media and culture? Did they declare the Anglo-Saxons ‘subhuman’, did they use heavy weapons against them?”

Lavrov asked General Assembly participants “to name a country in whose affairs Washington has intervened and where life has become better as a result.”

He said Ukraine is “expandable material” in the West’s struggle against Russia. He falsely claimed that “the inability of Western countries to negotiate and the Kyiv regime’s ongoing war against its own people has left us with no choice” but to recognize two separatist regions of Ukraine as independent and then deploy troops.

On Thursday, Lavrov was absent from the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine to all but his own remarks, in which he rejected widespread international condemnation and again blamed Kiev for the invasion of Moscow. Several officials suggested that the top Russian diplomat left the room because he did not want to hear the condemnations.

Source: CNN Brasil

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