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Lawyer pretends to be a police officer in a nightclub in SP and is arrested

A 44-year-old lawyer was arrested in the early hours of Thursday (23) after posing as a police officer in a nightclub located in Moema, in the south zone of São Paulo.

According to the state Public Security Secretariat, Celso Eduardo Martins Varella identified himself as a police officer during the early hours of the morning. Nightclub employees called the police, who began searching for the lawyer. He, however, had already left the place.

According to the Military Police, Varella was located with his car on Avenida Ibirapuera at 4:36 am. According to the corporation, the lawyer resisted the approach aggressively and again identified himself as a police officer.

After an inspection inside the lawyer's vehicle, two badges, a pair of handcuffs, a holster, a magazine holder and a 9 mm pistol were found. All of these items were seized. The car, in addition to being armored, had a siren and a light device that simulated an uncharacterized vehicle.

During his arrest, Varella had to be restrained by military police after resistance. He had a wound on his forehead and had to be taken to the Jabaquara Emergency Care Unit (UPA) to receive treatment.

Wanted by CNN , Celso Eduardo Martins Varella's defense claimed that the approach against his client was illegal and violent and that at no time did he identify himself as a police chief. Regarding the weapon seized, the defense claims that the pistol is registered and was not loaded.

“He will undergo a custody hearing this Thursday at the Barra Funda criminal forum and we await his release,” said lawyers Reinalds Klemps and Lincoln Rijkard.

The case was registered at the 27th DP (Campo Belo) as illegal possession or possession of a restricted firearm.

* Under supervision

Source: CNN Brasil

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