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Look after the children and cook for the husband like a traditional housewife – Divorced and learned what life is

She thought she lived the “perfect life” as a traditional housewife who was confined to the house to cook and take care of the children, until she got a divorce and discovered the endless possibilities that exist. 34-year-old Ophelia Maraschino from Australia at the age of 17 fell madly in love with a man and they decided to have a family, with herself giving birth to two children after a few months. So, she stayed at home taking care of the household, such as preparing food for the working husband, doing laundry, and looking after their children when they came home from school. They also worked seven hours a week so she could make pocket money and do some personal shopping. “I thought I had chosen this life and that it was ideal,” the woman said, according to a related report by The Sun. However, growing up he saw the countless possibilities that exist, but also the injustice that he experienced, since he could not do the slightest thing that did not concern the household, even driving […]
Source: News Beast

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