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Harvard bars graduation of students who participated in pro-Palestine protest

Harvard University announced this week that 13 students who participated in a pro-Palestine protest on campus would not receive their diplomas.

The measure generated criticism from students this Thursday (23), who marched in protest outside the institution during the graduation ceremony.

The board of trustees rejected a recommendation from faculty members to allow the students to graduate.

In a statement, Harvard cited a policy in the student handbook that says students who are not in “good standing” or who face disciplinary action are not eligible to receive degrees.

It is unclear how many students are facing disciplinary action.

However, earlier this week, students said they would reach an agreement with the university. Additionally, the institution said it would reverse suspensions of more than 20 students and offer leniency to 60 students facing disciplinary action.

The pro-Palestinian camp at Harvard was dismantled in late April after being on campus for nearly three weeks.

Protesters called for the university to “divest” from Israeli organizations and reinvest those resources in Palestinian interests.

Source: CNN Brasil

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