Leaving your job: 6 tips to leave in style

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It is worthwhile to invest energy in the last days spent in a company. If the first impression counts, the last one remains forever. Psychologists talk about the effect regency (recency): the last thing that happened stays strongest in the memory.

Conversely, this means that you may have been doing an excellent job for ten years, but if you get it wrong the last ten days will still attack you, which is unfortunate because it could be the reference that is then disclosed. In short, these are delicate days, which should be played at best, carefully. Here are 7 tips you may not have thought of.

1. First notify your line manager

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Even if your relationship isn’t particularly close or exciting, tell your line manager first. Submit your resignation to the HR department only after speaking to your boss. Only then will you go on to tell your colleagues. Woe to you if your supervisor accidentally finds out through word of mouth.

2. Keep a low profile with colleagues

Maybe you feel very happy to leave, maybe you move to the company of your dreams, but do not jump for happiness, do not unleash the envy of colleagues and do not let them understand how relieved you are that soon you will not have to set foot in the company again. agency. It’s not nice.

3. Give it your all once again

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Even if your motivation is zero, make the last effort: resist the temptation to give yourself sick to “avoid” the last days.

4. Plan the farewell speech

In many companies, it is customary to make a farewell speech. Again, keep as low a profile as possible and resist the temptation to settle accounts with the company. Better to formulate the reasons for your resignation in a positive way: you can’t wait to face the challenges that the new job will offer you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell the royals of your departure, that is not the place to get the pebbles out of your shoes.

5. Regulate the handover

Maybe you already know who will take your place. Familiarize yourself with this person as much as possible: talk about your customers and their specificities, introduce your successor to projects still in progress and give them all the information they need to be able to continue your work successfully. Also think about passwords and logins. Ideally, you should inform your boss about the status of the handover at the end. And if you want to exaggerate, a phrase such as: “If you have any doubts or questions, obviously don’t hesitate to contact me”.

6. Reorder and return company assets

In reality, it should be taken for granted, but the desk must be left clean and obviously everything must be returned, from the keys to the computer, smartphone and webcam included. Do not appropriate anything that is not yours: it is not nice that the references wrote “thief”.


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