Lebanon for disasters: Compensation immediately and not in three years as was done during SYRIZA

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The assurance that the compensations from the recent disasters in Western Greece will be given in the shortest possible time, was given by the Minister of Rural Development Mr. Spilios Libanos, answering a Topical Question of the SYRIZA MP Mr. Stavros Arachovitis.

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Mr. Libanos stressed that as soon as the opportunity arises, the assessors of ELGA will conduct on-site inspections and the compensations will be given immediately and not in three years as was done under the SYRIZA government.

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Responding to Mr. Arachovitis’ criticisms that the government has not supported the society in dealing with the successive crises, Mr. Libanos pointed out that the crises are imported and stressed that the government has spread a net of 40 billion to protect our fellow citizens and society. . He added: “You know that the Mitsotaki government was one of the first to take measures to face this crisis. You also know that even the SYRIZA voters are making their cross, which is not at the helm of the country is the Tsipras-Kammenou duo. but Kyriakos Mitsotakis “.

Mr. Libanos reminded Mr. Arachovitis of a series of measures that the government has voted in Voukli but SYRIZA refused to vote on them:

– Do you consider the measure of the return of the Special Consumption Tax for agricultural oil “a little”? You did not vote for it.

– From October 1, 2021 the reduced from 13% to 6% VAT on animal feed is valid. Again, you did not vote for it.

For electricity:

We have provided significant relief for low-voltage users, which also benefits farmers. They started in the month of September and as an indication I mention that in the months of November and December, the reliefs reach 130 to 150 € per kilowatt hour. You did not vote for that either.

For the average trend and specifically for agricultural enterprises, we provided for the suspension from November 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022, with the possibility of extension, the payment of utility service charges (SGI). And you did not vote for that.

Also, from 5/8/2021 PPC provides an energy discount of 50% on agricultural tariffs. You did not vote for that either. I submit in the minutes and relevant documents of the Ministry of Environment and PPC.

In June, we increased the kw in the agricultural photovoltaic and made sure that the renewable energy sources up to 500kw from just 100 kw, which was, are agricultural exploitation. Thus we increase the agricultural income, but we also reduce the production costs and. And you did not vote for that.

And he concluded:

“After the above, you come today and accuse us that we have taken few and insufficient measures to address the imported problem that has arisen.

You are just a party of sterile denial without meaningful suggestions.

You take advantage of the crises that afflict our producers, in order to reap temporary party benefit.

“I hope you acknowledge your mistake and say at the last minute that you support these measures and suggest so much more.”


Source From: Capital

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