Leg lymphatic drainage massage: how it works, where to do it, how much it costs

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Cellulite, water retention e swelling they often force many women not to show one of the most feminine parts of their body: the legs. An important help for this type of imperfections and disorders comes from lymphatic drainage massages, able to bring benefits and lasting.

But how do they work and what benefits to expect from these treatments?

Lymphatic drainage or lymphatic drainage is a massage designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system, composed of a rich network of vessels that run throughout our body, has two functions: purify the body of toxins e protect the immune system.

Sometimes the lymphatic circulation may not “work” perfectly because it is overloaded with toxic substances. The onset of swelling, cellulite, heavy legs and stretch marks ensues; in these cases lymphatic drainage can be a valid solution.

Also recommended after some surgical interventions such as liposuction to promote the expulsion of fat cells, lymphatic drainage can be performed following three different techniques: manual lymphatic drainage according to the Vodder method (from the name of the Danish biologist who first experienced that by massaging the lymph nodes surprising results could be obtained), which consists in performing circular movements by exerting variable pressure with the hands, mechanical lymphatic drainage, known as pressotherapy, which consists in placing boots with inflatable compartments on the legs, connected to a compressor which, inflating each compartment individually, exerts a controlled pressure on the legs from the bottom up, and manual lymphatic drainage according to the method of Dr. Albert Leduc, which combines the Vodder method and pressotherapy.

Those who practice this technique must know the lymphatic circulation perfectly in order to be able to intervene in a targeted manner on the legs or other parts of the body. In carrying out the manual lymphatic drainage massage he exercises a slow, pressing movement which facilitates the reabsorption of lymph (body fluid present in the lymphatic vessels). It starts with gentle rotary thrusts, then circular ones, to finally move on to the pumping phase, with specific movements to improve lymphatic circulation. Each phase is alternated by the so-called delivery clutch, a rotational gesture of the wrist on the treated area.

Lymphatic drainage is essential to treat swelling and the onset of imperfections such as cellulite, but it also has other benefits. Thanks to this technique it is indeed possible reduce the risk of venous insufficiency and the risk of associated diseases. Also, lymphatic drainage strengthens the immune defenses helping the body to better defend itself from viruses and bacteria, and helps fight stress through the relaxing effect of the massage.

Who can perform the lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage can be performed under medical prescription or for aesthetic reasons.

In the first case it is prescribed to treat cases of lymphedema, edema related to neurological pathology, rheumatic inflammation or as a post-operative treatment, for example after surgery as it accelerates the healing processes, thanks to the opening and stimulation of the lymph nodes.

From an aesthetic point of view, the sessions are a valid aid for skin rejuvenation and to fight against cellulite, stress and swelling of the legs due to water retention.

It should be emphasized that pregnant women can also undergo manual lymphatic drainage sessions, especially in the last months of pregnancy when water retention can cause an increase in the size of the uterus and a consequent obstacle to blood circulation.

Where to perform the lymphatic drainage massage and cost

This treatment is carried out in the qualified beauty centers and also in some thermal and SPA facilities. The results are not immediate and it takes patience: consider that to fight cellulite, water retention and swelling are necessary about 30-40 lymphatic drainage sessions lasting 40-60 minutes each, to be repeated a couple of times a year. The cost of each session is about 35 euros. An important investment, especially considering the total number of sessions, but the result of which – according to the experts – is of maximum effectiveness.

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