Leonardo DiCaprio and the erotic line: the embarrassing detail in Don’t look up

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The blockbuster Don’t look up, among the most viewed titles of Netflix, continues to be talked about. The apocalyptic story with green implications has various levels of interpretation, but there are also some hiccups.

The last to be noticed by the public concerns a telephone number that appears in the film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the two controversial scientists protagonists. He thinks about talking about the crime director Adam McKay who admits the mistake but doesn’t know how it is possible that an erotic line was inserted into the script. The head Insider he asked for explanations and the filmmaker defended himself by speaking of a “mere misunderstanding”.

The basic idea was to propose a government toll-free number dedicated to the comet-disaster: “We wanted to install a line that would serve this purpose – he said – but we didn’t think about doing it until the end of shooting and we didn’t have enough time to register our phone number, then we chose one at random. We never would have thought of a hot line“. Who then chose the combination of numbers? “I think someone from Netflix or our graphic designers, but I didn’t know anything about it. Absolutely nothing. They would never have done such a thing on purpose. ‘

The star of Titanic, therefore, he is in the middle of a scene in which he recommends a listening number for those looking for some comfort and some answers before the end of the world (specifically it is the number 1-800-532-4500, of recently disconnected, perhaps due to the situation). Some spectators, perhaps thinking of an Easter egg, called and received the hot surprise and he was certainly not happy with it, judging by the comments on Twitter. “The hottest phone line in America,” says the voice on the other end of the phone, but it hasn’t had the desired effect. And, considering the seriousness of the film’s tone (even if interspersed with sarcasm and paradoxes), the situation regarding scientific denial is colored with grotesque nuances.

That the alarm about climate change has taken a back seat to pure entertainment? He answers Leonardo DiCaprio, who a Deadline he urged an immediate reaction. According to the actor, in nine years it will be too late to run for cover. Of course, that’s more than the six months that the film talks about, but still a very short period of time. That’s why the Oscar winner said: “Now I just want to make films that have a relevant theme. On the other hand, it is not easy to synthesize the environmental SOS in a film of two or three hours ». And he adds: “I have made quite a few documentaries on the subject and I am well aware of the frustration of the scientific community, despite these brilliant minds being cornered by the press. ” According to the star, in short, a real campaign is underway to discredit the climate alarm and he has no intention of standing by: «I have two great passions in my life. Acting and the desire to protect nature by amplifying the message on the environmental crisis. I created a foundation on purpose twenty years ago ».

The actor doesn’t mince words: “The oil companies have hired fake scientists to cover up everything and distract public opinion compared to the impact of carbon emissions in the air ». Figures in hand, these are “100 companies that produce 70 percent of these gases.” For DiCaprio, the solution lies in “collective work by governments”, otherwise it would be like living in “World War II.” Time passes and we are almost out of time ».

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