Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, the reasons for the farewell

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Pwhy Michelle Hunziker e Tomaso Trussardi they broke up? After ten years of love, a fairytale wedding celebrated in 2014 and crowned by the birth of two daughters, Sole (8 years) e Celeste (6), the two explained little in the concise joint statement issued to officially announce the farewell of which there had been rumors for months: “We have decided to change our life project. We are committed to continue with love and friendship the growth path of ours wonderful little girls. Our separation will remain a common and private path. No further comments will follow in respect of the privacy of our family ».

For gossip addicted, the end of a story that seemed indestructible needs further explanations. Those directly concerned have not provided them (and from what they have written they will never provide them) but something on the pages of the newspapers is starting to leak. As the Corriere della Sera, people close to the former couple speak of a love «beautiful and quarrelsome, according to the best scripts. Strong and at times divergent characters, but which have always found a meeting point ». All of this until at least a year and a half ago, before the lockdown.

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Then the two would slip in an increasingly serious crisis, between silences and distances, with Tomaso Trussardi sighted more and more often in Bergamo and she to Milano with the daughters. At the base of the liti, there would be a different way of understanding life (the more introspective he, the more extroverted she), some unshared friendships and work projects that have created tensions. It was precisely in this period that new interests would enter the life of the presenter. Tomaso Trussardi, on the other hand, would have spent more and more time in Reggio Emilia, as a brand ambassador of the Motor Valley. A remoteness that became evident during the recent Christmas holidays, which they spent divided. She in the mountains with her daughters and her friend Serena Autieri, of him instead no sign.

And to think that until a few years ago Michelle and the entrepreneur from Bergamo dreamed of the third heir: “Tomaso tried to replace me the birth control pill with one Zigulì», She joked in 2015.« He would like so much another son and me too, so I believe it will come“. Instead, the news of the breakup arrived. For Michelle it is the second, after that in 1998 by Eros Ramazzotti, father of his daughter Aurora. Tomaso, on the other hand, does not have previous marriages behind him. That they had taken different ways, the presenter had let it be understood in a recent interview: «I started to take my space, to go away for a few hours or a weekend ». Now the epilogue that no one expected: a beautiful and highly envied love it has turned into something else. In a new “life project”.

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