Leyna Bloom, first black and transgender woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated

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She is the first transgender woman, black and of Filipino descent to appear on the cover of the American magazine Sports Illustrated. Leyna Bloom is the protagonist of one of the three covers of Swimsuit Issue, the July issue dedicated to costumes. “I’m promoting something the world lacked: trans beauty in all its forms and sizes, ”he wrote on Instagram. «I represent the Philippines, I represent black women, I represent immigrants: for all of them they are like a means to bring about change».

Raised in one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods, the South Side, she has a history of suffering and abuse behind her. But she managed to conquer the catwalks of the major designers and to pose for Vogue India. Leyna Bloom, who is also an actress, dancer and transgender rights activist, was also the first black transgender woman to star in a movie, Port Authority, presented in 2019 at the Cannes Film Festival.

For her, appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated “It’s not just about being beautiful, but about being beautiful with a powerful message», As he wrote on his social networks. “When I think of a powerful woman, I think of someone who is truly unstoppable, especially when she knows she deserves so much more than what society believes she is capable of. Continue to feel stronger despite the fear. To make a powerful statement regardless of what she is wearing. He wakes up and faces his day knowing that there are adversities in every room he enters. She keeps her head up and speaks for herself and for others when no one will ».

So much so that, to pose for Sports Illustrated, Leyna Bloom immediately made her priorities clear, as she explained on Instagram: «At the time of the shoot I said: no bikini, no string, no thong, no nudity. I’ll be wearing a one-piece swimsuit because that way I feel more at ease. We shot 12 different costumes that day, some provocative, some sexy, some strong. Each of which captures a different part of me ».

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