LG Is Ready To Take A Giant Leap Forward In The TV Picture Quality With The Mini-LED Technology

After TCL and Samsung, LG has now announced to bring the mini-LED technology to its 4K and 8K LCDs in 2021. LG is going to brand these high-ended TV sets as QNED Mini-LED. The company has announced that it will use around 30,000 tiny LEDs in the backend in 86inches screens. 10 of the 4K and 8K QNED TV sets will be launched in the CES virtual event from 11th till 14th January 2021.

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LG has recently jumped the bandwagon of mini-LED technology for its tv sets. TCL’s 6 and 8 series use this technology. The number of mini-LEDs is very less in the 6 series, while in comparison, around 25000 tiny LEDs in almost 1000 control zones are used in the TV sets of the 8 series. Now, LG has announced that they will be adding around 30,000 mini-LEDs at the backend of their 4K and 8K TV sets, and it is going to bring a huge difference in the picture quality, definition, contrast, etc. These mini-LEDs in the modern TV sets provide a full array of local dimming and decrease the overall blooming effect and spilling of light in the picture too.

How Do Mini-LEDs Make A Difference?

As we know, modern TV sets have hundreds of LEDs at the backend of the screen. The light coming from them is controlled in control zones, and each zone provides a dimming effect which is required in dark scenes on the screen. All this functionality improves the black levels and the contrast of the picture.  Mini LEDs are extremely tiny LEDs that are used in large numbers (in thousands) behind the screen. They produce a sheer brilliance and an incredible peak brightness while taking the contrast ratio to 1000,000:1 with around 2500 local dimming zones and advanced dimming zones.

As a consequence, the picture contract is absolutely amazing, and the quality is great. It improves color accuracy as well. And this is what LG is aiming for too. These TV sets will have refresh rates of around 120Hertz supported as all the previous LCDs by LG that have been launched in the year 2020.

LG’s QNED mini-LED TV sets will come in sizes up to 86 inches.

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In this acronym, Q stands for ‘Quantum dot’ crystals to show the colors.

N is for the ‘Nano cell’ particles that absorb all the unwanted light of varying wavelengths. This improves the color display and different viewing angles.

ED is for ‘emitting diodes,’ referring to the Light Emitting Diodes (LED.)

Micro-LED is not the same as Mini-LED.

It is important to know the difference between both technologies.

Mini-LED technology is basically the reduction in the size and increase in the number of LEDs at the backend. But Micro-LED technology refers to the combination of millions of self-emissive LEDs that are capable of lighting up only when required. The TV sets that use this technology have a far better picture quality because of their overall backlight and edge-light removal. These sets are quite pricey. Even mini-LED TV sets are also quite expensive as compared to the conventional LCDs, but LG may not take the price quotient for its QNED TV sets so high. However, LG has not revealed its price range for these TV sets as yet. TCL’s 55 inches R635 mini-LED TV set is for almost $700. Let us see if LG will be capable of mass-producing these sets at a lower price to stand out in front of its competitors or not?

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