Lidl Hellas creates value for the Greece of tomorrow

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Recognizing the importance of its wider impact on the national economy and jobs, Lidl Hellas wanted this year to count its direct and indirect contribution, for the period March 2020 – February 2021, with the preparation of the sixth Socioeconomic Impact Report .

The purpose of the study, once again, is to identify and evaluate the effects created by the operation of the company in Greece, for the economy and society of the country. As a reference point of its accountability and strategy, Lidl Hellas defines the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The findings in terms of value added, job support and payment of taxes and contributions in the Greek state, are presented in detail. here in the form of indicators.

Guided by transparency and objectivity, the company addresses all its stakeholders, as well as interested social and economic actors, to form a comprehensive perception of the economic and social value created by Lidl Hellas in our country.

In addition, Lidl Hellas conducted for the second consecutive year Social Return on Investment (SROI) Study, wanting to translate its investments in CTY Greece, the Center for Gifted and Talented Children of Anatolia College, into social value. For the period January 2014 – December 2020, with the consulting support of the Department of Climate Change and Sustainable Development of EV Greece, interviews, focus groups and questionnaires were conducted among stakeholders in order to understand the changes that have occurred in the lives of beneficiaries. their participation in the activities of CTY Greece supported by Lidl Hellas, the identification of the most important changes experienced by the beneficiaries and their hierarchy, the improvement of the evaluation of the social value created by the activities of the center and the evaluation of the social value created.

The findings of the research revealed that for every € 1 invested, from January 2014 to December 2020, by Lidl Hellas at CTY Greece, € 3.7 of social value have been created, through the activities of the center.

See the study in detail here.


Source From: Capital

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