Lie to Me – Body Language 21.8

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Truth or lie?

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In our lives, there is both honesty and lies. A lie is easy to see on the street, in a store, on a TV screen while watching the news. But with this application you can become a real mentalist!

Why do people lie?

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Everyone has their own reasons. Politicians hire consultants to help them appear honest and sincere. But it happens that even the most reliable people lie from time to time. Everyone’s motives for cheating are different. The app about sign language “Lie to me” will help you figure it out.

✓ According to scientists, a person can lie up to 20 times a day. And not every time he realizes it himself. And this application for recognizing non-verbal gestures will help you understand this.

What is the person thinking about?

In the modern world, in order to determine deceit, a lie detector (polygraph) is used. Unfortunately, a polygraph cannot be taken on a date with a guy / girl, it would be strange to use it for business partners, and when parents communicate with children, a lie detector would be inappropriate (and its accuracy, according to some sources, does not exceed 80%).

What are the signs of a lie?

Sometimes ignorance is happiness. Think about it, do you really want to know when people are lying to you? Even close people. Using the non-verbal language of relationships and studying the psychology of emotions, you can learn a lot about the people we see every day. For example, 98% of teenagers lie to their parents, and 80% of people tell “harmless lies” every day. The theory of lies is a rather broad topic, but it is worth accepting it as a fact – every person lies to one degree or another.

The methods in this application are used by many areas: police, security services, forensic psychologists, NLP specialists, profilers, mentalists, etc. This application can be useful for managers, schoolchildren, students and all those who want to understand the psychology of lies and better understand people. Learn the alphabet of gestures and learn to recognize lies with this app!

Man thinks and speaks with his whole body. Many types of body language are considered in this appendix to identify signs of lying, including:

★ Direction of view

★ Touch lips

★ Types of handshakes

★ Leg position

★ Lie on the phone

Source: Trash Box

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