Works even without registration: 1Password allows you to securely share files via a link

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The developers of the 1Password app are constantly improving their software, providing users with more and more options. For example, some time ago, the authors of the password manager implemented the ability to securely exchange passwords using a regular link – the recipient of information did not need to register in the service, which, of course, simplified many workflows. Now, the creators of the application have decided to expand this functionality by providing the ability to exchange files and various documents with anyone in the same secure format – for this, a link with access to the content is used.

The developers explained that sharing a document or important file is as easy and fast as sharing a password with 1Password. The recipient of the content does not need to use the 1Password app and, logically, register with the service – the files will be available through the provided link to the content. The owner of files and documents himself can set the expiration date for the link to the content, as well as impose access restrictions. For example, the user will have to confirm their email with a one-time code – only after that they will be able to access the file. There are also corporate features – it will be possible to allow access to the document only to users with a specific domain name in the email address.

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Files that are shared will be displayed on the 1Password site, and the recipient will be able to download these files or even save content to their 1Password account, if they have one, of course. So in the end, sharing files and documents in 1Password is a bit like Google Drive, only without the perpetual link and with much more advanced control over who can view that shared content.

Source: Trash Box

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