Life coach’s word: «If you want to change your life, you don’t have to make an effort»

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Willpower is bullshit. First the pleasure and then the duty. They are respectively the title of a book and of a course Andrew Favarettolife and mental coach.

Do you know what is the difference between a life coach and a motivator? Favaretto explains it: «I do a strange job, which doesn’t consist in pushing a person to do more, but in making him look within himself for something that he feels is normal, easy, natural. Something that can be used to find the change he wants in his life. I explain how to widen your comfort zone, a motivator forces you to get out of it».

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Vanity Fair director Simone Marchetti and life and mental coach Andrea Favaretto at Vanity Fair Story 2022

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To bring a real change expert to Vanity Fair Stories has been ŠKODA, historic main partner of the event, since the first edition. This year’s theme was The change is youstories that change the world. The project carried out in partnership with ŠKODA, on the theme “EXPLORE MORE”, saw Andrea Favaretto protagonist of two speeches at the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber in Milan and of a calendar of eight group meetings, complete with a blackboard and semicircle armchairs.

The life and mental coach Andrea Favaretto during one of the meetings held in partnership with ŠKODA

Thomas Biondo

The latter were attended by men and women from all over Italy, aged 18 to seniors. There were coaching enthusiasts, the curious, communication professionals, a teacher enrolled by surprise by her daughter as a gift, and many students.

Among coaching enthusiasts, students, teachers and communication professionals

Thomas Biondo

You can see the videos from Saturday and Sunday in which Andrea Favaretto speaks to the audience and the gallery, from the same stage where characters who have achieved a lot in life and to whom the public looks with admiration were told, the same admiration that we often would like to have for ourselves ourselves and our results. And this is exactly where Favaretto’s professionalism comes into play.

His reasoning ran along a road littered with keywords dear to ŠKODA: Exploration, Curiosity, Empower Communities, Travel, Shared Experiences, Joyfulness, Virtual Life and Optimistic Future.

What we bring home from Andrea Favaretto – capable of summarizing in a few minutes what in his job also includes a few days of coaching – is an idea of ​​change imbued with relief. Is it a question.

EXPLORE MORE: just scan the QR code to participate in the interactive quiz created by ŠKODA

Thomas Biondo

What are the things you do with pleasure and in which you succeed effortlessly?

«When we think of a change we want, of a result, we often take external reference models and this leads us to frustration. Instead, we must seek within ourselves those characteristics and situations in which we succeed naturally. Only in these things do we no longer hear the little internal voice that tells us that we will fail, that the other one made it and I didn’t. And do you know why? Because we do something that it fully taps into our potentialto what we already have inside».

In short, if you give time and space to the things that belong to you most, the change is already underway. Because those who love to travel will eventually go much further than those who want to arrive.

Source: Vanity Fair

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