Lightning Bug 2.10.28

Lightning Bug 2.10.28

Lightning Bug – alarm clock for android.

  • Sleep Timer
  • Screen Timeout (screen off by timeout)
  • Multiple Scenes with Unique Visuals and Sounds (selection of scenes with unique visuals and sounds)
  • Many Customization Options (multiple settings)

Behind these words is a simple and quite friendly interface, which practically does not require hardware keys. Everything is simple:

  • set the time in the menu after which the device should turn off; (most often 1 time for life – 5 minutes for the screen, half an hour for the sound)
  • before going to sleep, you choose a visualization: simple, monastery, New York sky, night beach, Earth attack and choose the sounds that accompany this scene – the sound of rain, the ringing of a bell, the howl of sirens in the distance, the roar of the surf, etc.
  • put it at the head of the bed and you yourself do not notice how you fall asleep.

The alarm clock does not yet strike with bells and whistles – modestly and tastefully:

  • In what time?
  • how often?
  • what to play?
  • what is the sound volume?
  • how long to repeat if you don’t wake up?

Source: Trash Box