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Lights on Eiffel Tower go out early for energy saving in Paris

Paris will turn off the lights on the Eiffel Tower an hour earlier than usual, lower the temperature of water in municipal swimming pools and delay heating public buildings to save energy this winter, the city’s mayor said on Tuesday.

The measures are aimed at meeting President Emmanuel Macron’s goal for industry, households and city officials to reduce their energy consumption by 10% in response to Russia’s cut in gas supplies and soaring energy prices.

Across Europe, countries are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and replenish their gas inventories, preparing for a possible full cut.

France is not as exposed to Russian gas as some of its neighbors, but a record number of nuclear reactor outages have forced the country to import energy when it would normally be an exporter, exacerbating pressure on energy markets.

Currently, the Eiffel Tower is lit up to 1 am by a lighting system that gives it a golden glow. Every hour, while lit, it flashes thanks to 20,000 light bulbs. Turning off the monument’s lights at 23:45 will mean a 4% reduction in energy consumption.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that from September 23, lights in Paris’ public buildings will be turned off at 10pm, while the water temperature in swimming pools will be reduced from 26°C to 25°C. Heating in public buildings will be reduced to 18°C.

The capital’s energy bill will reach 90 million euros this year, 35 million more than usual, even as long-term electricity and gas contracts shield authorities from the worst of the cost increases.

Source: CNN Brasil

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