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Lightweight build of Windows 11 is here, it only needs 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of disk space

Tiny11 is a special build of the Windows 11 operating system that requires 8 GB of free disk space to install (instead of 20 GB) and works great on a computer with 2 GB of RAM. What’s more, the installation ISO image weighs only 3 GB. Not bad, right? However, there are some points to consider before choosing this system.

The author of the assembly is a user with the nickname NTDev, who claims that Tiny11 can be reduced by applying disk compression. The assembly includes a standard set of tools and applications, including Calculator, Notepad and Paint. Even the Microsoft Store is there, so you can install any games and apps for Windows 11 if you want. At the same time, some relatively important things are missing. Firstly, this is not a system that can be “set and forgotten”, and secondly, it is not subject to change. The .NET Framework, drivers, and security updates can still be installed from Windows Update. However, the WinSxS component has been removed here, which means that new features or languages ​​cannot be installed. Users need to follow the release of the latest versions of the assembly, download the ISO and install over or over.

Tiny11 actually takes up about 8 GB of disk space (system files 6.34 GB, applications 1.59 GB). Thanks to the Rufus utility, the build author made some changes. For example, a local account is used by default, but there is an option to switch to an online profile. Another change is related to the removal of hardware restrictions, which will certainly be appreciated by owners of old PCs and laptops. Moreover, Tiny11 can be installed even on a computer that is not compatible with Windows 11.

Tiny11 can be downloaded from this page. Moreover, the ISO file is available both via a direct link and via a torrent.

Source: Trash Box

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