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333: π.Χ.– Alexander the Great defeats the Persians of Darius III during the battle of Issus. The second triumph of Alexander the Great over the Persians after Granikos.

954: 13-year-old Lotharios is crowned king of West Phragia in the abbey of Saint Remy.

1330: The voivode of Wallachia Vassarava I defeats the army of Charles I of Hungary at the Battle of Posanda.

1793: Jean Sylvain Bey, the first mayor of Paris, is executed on the guillotine.

1825: Andreas Miaoulis breaks the siege of Turkish ships around Messolonghi and transports food to the besieged Greeks.

1910: This is the first time a stuntman has been used in a movie. He jumps from a burning balloon on the Hudson River in New York.

1912: The 7th Infantry Regiment liberates the city of Chios. The Greek military forces that had landed the previous day on the outskirts of the city of Chios, successfully face an unexpected Turkish attack and finally raise the Greek flag in the island’s capital.

1918: Following the resignation of Emperor Charles I, German Austria was declared by law a democratic state and a member of the new German Republic.

1922: Greece hands over the administration of Eastern Thrace to Turkey, after the departure of the last Greek soldier.

1923: After the failed “Brewery Coup” in Munich, Adolf Hitler is arrested and accused of high treason. Many of his associates are fleeing to Austria, while the newspaper of the National Socialist Party “People’s Observer” is suspended.

1923: Albert Einstein leaves Berlin after anti-Semitic threats to his life.

1927: Leon Trotsky was expelled from the CPSU and Joseph Stalin became the absolute ruler of the USSR.

1933: The first photo of Loch Ness’s supposed monster is published.

1940: Following the failure of the Italian attack on the Albanian Front, Adolf Hitler issued an order to his General Staff to draw up a plan and prepare an attack against Greece.

1942: The second-class probationary firefighter, Konstantinos Poulios, is killed while trying to put out a fire in a two-storey building in Thessaloniki. November 12 has been established in our country as a Day of Remembrance for Fallen Firefighters.

1944: British planes sink the battleship “Tirpits” off the coast of Norway, the pride of Nazi Germany’s fleet.

1954: The immigrant reception station on Ellis Island in New York closes. It welcomed over 20 million immigrants from around the world.

1981: The anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising is established as a school holiday.

1982: After Leonid Brezhnev’s death, KGB leader Yuri Andropov succeeds him to the leadership of the Soviet Communist Party.

1990: Emperor Akihito is enthroned in Japan.

1990: The English scientist Timothy Berners-Lee (TBL for his friends) invents the World Wide Web, better known as the WWW, on which the Internet is based.

1993: Athens ranks eleventh in the general survey of living conditions in thirty European cities.

1993: UN Security Council calls for new sanctions against Libya

1994: Jacques Chirac is resigning from the leadership of the Neo-Golist Party (RPR) to run for president of France.

1998: PKK leader Abdullah λάνcalan, who arrived in the Italian capital from Moscow on a Russian airline flight, was arrested at Rome’s Fiumicino airport. Police are not announcing the whereabouts of the arrested Kurdish leader, while Turkey is rushing to formally request his extradition from the Italian authorities, calling his arrest a turning point in the crackdown on the Kurdish separatist movement.

1999: A strong earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hits the Dice region of Turkey. 894 dead and major disasters.

2000: The first derby of the “eternal” rivals Panathinaikos – Olympiakos on the historic Avenue after 17 years (0-0) is stigmatized by serious incidents.

2003: Nineteen Italians and eight Iraqis are the victims of the bombing of the Italian base in Nasiriyah, by an Iraqi suicide bomber. Italy is sinking into mourning. Despite the reactions, the Government decides to maintain the military forces in the area. This is the largest loss to the Italian armed forces since World War II.

2011: The financial crisis leads Silvio Berlusconi to resign from the post of Prime Minister of Italy.


1504 – Giovanni Battista Giraldi, Italian writer

1684 – Edward Vernon, British Admiral

1729 – Louis Antoine de Bougainville, French admiral and explorer

1746 – Jacques Charles, French physicist and inventor

1833 – Alexander Borodin, Russian composer and chemist

1840 – Auguste Rodin, French sculptor

1842 – Oyama Iwao, Japanese general

1842 – John William Stratt, English physicist

1851 – Edward Engel, German linguist

1866 – Sun Yat-sen, Chinese revolutionary and politician

1881 – Maximilian von Weichs, German general

1915 – Roland Barthes, French literary critic and author

1924 – Antoine Dolphis, French astronomer

1929 – Michael Ede, German writer

1929 – Grace Kelly, American actress

1933 – Jalal Talabani, Iraqi politician

1934 – Charles Manson, American assassin

1935 – Yang Vivian becomes Prime Minister of Niue

1936 – Costas Polychroniou, Greek footballer and coach

1943 – Brian Highland, American singer


1948 – Hassan Rohani, Iranian politician

1953 – Vassilis Karras, Greek singer

1953 – Baaba Maal, Senegalese songwriter

1961 – Nadia Comaneci, Romanian gymnast

1964 – Dave Elefson, American bassist

1964 – Vassilis Mazomenos, Greek director

1965 – Eleni Randou, Greek actress

1972 – Vassilis Tsiartas, Greek football player

1977 – Panagiotis Kapodistrias, Greek actor

1980 – Ryan Gosling, Canadian actor

1982 – Anne Hathaway, American actress

1988 – Russell Westbrook, American basketball player


607 – Pope Boniface III

683 – Yazid I, Arab caliph

973 – Burhart III, Duke of Swabia

1035 – Knutos, King of England

1094 – Duncan II, King of Scotland

1202 – Knutos VI, King of Denmark

1375 – John Henry, Margrave of Moravia

1434 – Louis III of Anjou, king of Naples

1595 – John Hawkins, English admiral and shipbuilder

1605 – Handan, Ottoman sultan

1793 – Jean Sylvain Bey, French astronomer, mathematician and politician

1896 – Spyridon Xyndas, Greek composer

1916 – Percival Lowell, American astronomer

1923 – Ernst Ziller, German architect

1944 – Tellos Agras, Greek poet

1948 – Uberto Giordano, Italian composer

1955 – Alfred Hagios, Hungarian swimmer

1956 – Juan Negrin, Spanish politician

1974 – Irini Dendrinou, Greek poet

1979 – Pythagoras Papastamatiou (known as Pythagoras), Greek lyricist

1981 – William Holden, American actor

1994 – Wilma Rudolph, American athlete

2004 – Mimis Chrysomallis, Greek actor

2008 – Mitch Mitchell, English drummer

2013 – Antigoni Valakou, Greek actress

2013 – Nikolaos Martis, Greek politician

2013 – John Towner, English composer

2016 – Lupita Tovar, Mexican actress

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