Linda Zervaki: The journalist who won the impressions in the German debate and the reference to Mickey Mouse

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The pleasant surprise of yesterday, third debate between the three candidates for Chancellor of Germany – Olaf Solts from the Social Democrats, Armin Lasset from the Christian Democrats and Analena Berbok from the Greens, was the Greek-born presenter Linda Zervaki.

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The favorite for many “Mickey Mouse” magazine was hired by the journalist of Greek origin, Linda Zervaki, to ask the Christian Democrat, Armin Lasset regarding his party’s contribution to the hot topic of climate change.

Noting that, since 1993, these popular children’s magazines had focused on the problems of the environment and climate change, he asked Merkel’s choice, Armin Lassett, if the Christian Democrats were reading… enough Mickey Mouse at the time.

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The CDU candidate replied bluntly: “Already at that time” the Christian Democrat politician Klaus Teffer had included the issue of climate protection in his agenda. “

Teffer served as Secretary of the Environment from 1987 to 1994 with Helmut Kohl as Chancellor, and later for many years led the United Nations Environment Program. Social media users went crazy with the clever move of Linda Zervaki.

There were even some who hurried to propose her to claim the Chancellery of Germany. Like the German network “RND”, which writes on its website that ίζει Zervaki is voting for a new Chancellor of Germany.

Zervaki, 46, a well-known journalist of the German television network “ProSieben” and the German “SAT.1” TV presenter Claudia von Brauchich addressed their questions to the three candidates for the Chancellery last night.

SPD candidate Olaf Solz is also the winner of the 3rd debate

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Olaf Soltz, won, according to opinion polls, the impressions in yesterday’s last televised confrontation in view of the elections next Sunday.

According to ProSieben, SAT 1 and Kabel 1, which hosted the third and final televised debate ahead of this year’s election, 37% of those who watched the debate voted for Olaf Solz, while 29% voted for him. said he was more convinced by Greens candidate Analena Berbock and 28% by Christian Union (CDU / CSU) Armin Lasset.

In terms of “who won the teleconference as a whole”, 42% of viewers chose Olaf Solz, 27% Armin Lassett and 25% Analena Berbock. The Christian Democrat candidate, however, was the one who spoke the most last night, 21΄, against 19΄ of the Greens candidate and 17΄ of the SPD representative.

According to a poll by the Insa Institute on behalf of Bild am Sonntag yesterday, the SPD is still ahead with 26%, compared to 21% for the CDU / CSU and 15% for the Greens in voting intentions.

Post-election options

In their appearance last night, the candidates of the SPD and the Greens clarified that their first choice after the elections would be cooperation between them, with the CDU in opposition. In addition, Olaf Solz and Analena Berbock stated that the only party they would not work with was the Alternative for Germany (AfD), while they did not rule out the possibility of a coalition with the Left.

The main point of contention in yesterday’s debate was the tax policy of the next government, with Armin Lasset opposing tax increases and supporting the strengthening of low incomes. For their part, Olaf Solz and Analena Berbock were in favor of the additional burden of high incomes, but also the increase of social benefits. “Bonuses are not a profession,” said Armin Lassett, stressing that the emphasis should be on growing the economy and creating jobs.

As part of the debate on climate change, the Greens’ candidate said the next government “should be a climate government”, while there seemed to be a consensus with the SPD on raising the minimum wage.

Mr Soltz, however, criticized the Greens for the limited number of wind turbines installed in the parties where the party is in government, while Ms. Berbock asked him for “clear answers” on the case of the operation of the anti-government service. of black money – which sparked an investigation into Olaf Solz’s finance ministry.

On security issues, Mr Lassett acknowledged that he was “passionate about integrating” immigrants, but said that in the event of abuse of the protection afforded to them, deportations would be necessary and spoke of “zero tolerance” for terrorism.

The three candidates also asked the citizens to hurry to get vaccinated against Covid-19, but rejected the possibility of making the vaccination mandatory. Ms Burbock also called on the federal government to step up its efforts to simplify public access to vaccinations.

Yesterday’s telematch was coordinated by Linda Zervaki of Greek origin and Claudia von Brauchic. Ms. Zervaki received laudatory comments on social media sites about the way she handled candidates, while her report in “Mickey Mouse” magazine, which, as she noted, had been warning about climate change since the 1990s, caused a sensation.

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