Lindsay Lohan returns to acting (on Netflix, in a romantic film)

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A film, the first since its appearance, in 2019, in Among the shadows. Lindsay Lohan, once a child prodigy, has decided to return to her first love, agreeing to star in the Netflix’s upcoming Christmas movie. The film, currently untitled, should be released in late 2022, bringing with it the romantic metamorphosis of a rich and spoiled heiress. The woman, betrothed to a man as rich and spoiled as she is, should have followed a path already mapped out: marriage, the management of a hotel empire, an existence of luxury and pomp.

However, a ski accident, a blow to the head and the sudden loss of memory will forever change the course of events, forcing the heiress to embrace a new reality.

Which, the synopsis of the film does not say. Nor does it say who will play alongside Lohan. The actress, who moved away from the cinema due to judicial and human troubles, between 2007 and 2015, is the only certain name of the film, the latest in the timeline to confirm Netflix’s commitment to guarantee subscribers a adequate Christmas programming.

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