LINE Antivirus 2.1.9

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LINE Antivirus – keep your device safe from lurking viruses. Free antivirus app without ads.

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New opportunities. The new and improved LINE Antivirus 2.0 is here. Enjoy safe and secure internet on your device with best quality virus scan, safe browsing and wifi scan.

Key Features

  • Application scanning. Check for malicious apps and malware in your vault with a full in-depth scan.
  • Optimization. Delete junk data for a faster and cleaner device.
  • Secure browsing. Website crawling automatically and receiving in real time
  • warnings when visiting malicious sites.
  • WiFi scanning. Check information about nearby Wi-Fi networks and get alerts
  • when connected to dangerous places.
  • Delete files securely. Delete your files permanently to keep your personal information safe even if your phone is lost or replaced.
  • Application management. Organize your old apps quickly and easily.
  • Find apps that have access to your personal information. You can easily keep track of what information your apps are accessing, such as contact information, location information, call history, and more.
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Useful Features

  • Widgets and shortcuts. Quick access to features with widgets and shortcuts in the notification bar.
  • Real time monitoring. Actively monitor your device and get notified when a malicious app is installed.
  • Scheduled scan. Set up individual schedules to automatically scan your device.

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