Little Beckhams grow up (more and more fashionable)

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If your father, for three decades, has confirmed himself as one of the most stylish stars on the planet and your mother, after being one of the most influential pop stars of every decade, has consecrated herself as a fashion designer, the geniuses of glamor it is clear that you have them by right. And so while we keep them under surveillance by X-raying their every look since they were in diapers, i three Beckham boys, that is to say Brooklyn, Romeo e Cruz, they grow up branded and happy, each finding their place in the fashion puzzle. The DNA posh in short, it seems to us to be equally divided between the sons who at the moment fully continue their father’s inheritance, having immediately developed a sense of cool and respectable style.


Brooklyn, the eldest son, 22 years old and already betrothed (we are waiting for him soon at the altar with his latest girlfriend, the American model and actress Nicola Peltz), is not only an established photographer in the sector, but also in great demand beyond the lens as a face for campaigns of various fashion brands such as Pepe Jeans (of which he is the testimonial of a capsule collection together with his better half) and, recently, Superdry, a high street fashion brand green oriented, of which he is testimonial.

Brooklyn Beckham, the new face of Superdry. Photo: Courtesy press office


The son of art also added this collaboration to his growing modeling portfolio which began in 2014 when it appeared on the cover of Vogue China closing the circle with that of Vogue Hong Kong last June. Equipped with a style of British inspo, Brooklyn Beckham has established himself over time as the king of the look, impeccable and always à la page without ever being over the top. He also evidently owes some of his know-how to his mother Victoria.

I know at the center of power , speaking of the Beckham brothers, to concentrate the sense of fashion in the family to the maximum power Romeo, nineteen years old who, if we don’t want the others, we elect (not only us) the coolest of the brothers, and also the most mediatic one. The second child, more than looking like dad David with his looks from British man vintage, it seems more geared towards outfits between streetwear and catwalk prêt-à-porter.

In addition to Justin Bieber’s obsession with the Drew House clothing brand of which he owns a vast collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and accessories with the famous smile logo, like many boys of his age, a Romeo like to mix urban pieces with high fashion items. Among his favorite houses are Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Without forgetting that, when he was very young at 12, he was targeted for Burberry campaigns and that today he is the testimonial of the Saint Laurent Fall / Winter collection, as well as having appeared on the covers of numerous magazines.


Finally the sixteen year old Cruz. The youngest son seems to want to follow in the footsteps of his mother’s first career: his dream is, in fact, to be a pop star. And on social media he launches his pieces, also in typical Bieber style, both musical and sartorial. Growing up among the brands (at 11 he was among the first to show off one of the Louis Vuitton sweatshirts in collaboration with Supreme) he always showed off respectable garments, soon becoming a reference point for kids fashion.

Cruz has always been able to smell trends and follow them. Trendsetter from birth, he immediately made it clear with his looks streetwear super cool, not to be outdone in terms of style of the father and brothers. Like the rest of his famous family is one sneakerhead irreducible and boasts a seemingly endless collection of sneakers from brands including Adidas, Yeezy, Vans and Nike. Usually pair sneakers with skinny jeans worn with vintage concert t-shirts, hoodies, and even the occasional blazer. And always add a fun accessory or two, whether it’s a baseball cap, bandana, or colorful socks. But he doesn’t joke even in the posh version and when he has to get in the shot he knows how to do it.

In short, where do you buy Beckham genes?

In the gallery the unmistakable Becks style to the third power.

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