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Little dog accompanies its owner to the club; while she twerks, he falls asleep

After the awareness of good animal treatment and the fight for animal rights, more and more people are in charge of “humanizing” pets and not only see them as part of the family, but also dogs. they wear clothes and make them perform activities that are characteristic of humans.

Through social networks, more and more stories of loins doing human things are being made known, but perhaps this case is the one that takes things to another level, since the video showing a sleeping dog in the armchair of a club while its owner dances with her friends.

screenshot of some people dancing in a club

According to the description of the video of TikTokthe event occurred in a club in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, where while everyone enjoyed the music and atmosphere of the place, Diana Meadow He couldn’t help but capture the moment when a tenderloin slept on an armchair in the club while its owner danced.

With the already popular audio of “We paint the whole house”, by sponge BobIn the background, the barely eight-second recording shows a group of people dancing and drinking inside a disco to end by focusing on a dog in a sweater that sleeps peacefully while waiting for its owner.

When you can’t leave the bendi. #LaPaz #fyp #Bolivia #doggy #Animalitos.

The characteristic video of the sleeping dog in the club did not go unnoticed among netizens, who were quick to compare the canine scene with that of some when they were children, as they remembered when their parents took them to parties and put together a couple of chairs for them to sleep while they danced.

image of a dog asleep in a club chair

The video soon turned to the social network, where at the moment it has accumulated 695.1 thousand views, 103.7 thousand likes and more than 900 comments, among which stood out the one from a girl who asked when that had happened, since she had seen the dog in the video together with another furry friend who had gotten lost.

Three days after publishing the viral video, Diana shared another recording in which she showed the post on Facebook where she was seen sitting on the back of the club chair with another dog named Tilín, whom their owners were looking for and assured that they were willing to adopt. to the other puppy in order to get his furry back.

Source: Okchicas

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