Vanity Fair Stories 2022, Marco Mengoni and Valerio Lundini: «Songs (and encounters) that change lives»

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«We met on May 1st of this year, I remember it because it was there May Day concert which helps me to remember the date». Laughter at the Giorgio Gaber Opera House in Milan: on stage Marco Mengoni And Valerio Lundiniguests of the first day of Vanity Fair Stories 2022. “That day I did a little the fan part», recalls the singer-songwriter. “I scolded him a bit because he never invited me to the his program. The problem is that the invitation didn’t arrive even later».

“I had problems with some singers, asking me to come and then when I called them they could not, I thought Marco could be one of them», replies the comedian with his characteristic irony. “If the world changes anymore a song or a joke at the right moment? Let’s say that, in that moment, the world of the person who lives changes enjoying that thing» says the artist, trying to restore some seriousness. «It’s a butterfly effect», the comedian urges him.

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From the butterfly effect to turning point of life: «In my opinion, the conduct of choices is determined by friends meetings» says Lundini, in the bookshop with Blurred photos of motionless families. “Think about the first day of Lyceumthat you start talking to that person with whom you create a whole language which then becomes part of your way of thinking and joking». «On the other hand, I go by instinct and say when I have chosen to sing a piece of Tenco on stage of San Remo», reveals Mengoni, who launched the record last month Material (Leather). “Since that night, in my career, has something changed.

Source: Vanity Fair

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