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Lodo Guenzi and the case of the suicidal student: “Me, like her”

Lodo Guenzi de Lo Stato Sociale comments on the news story of the suicidal student at the IULM in Milan on social media. And in the long testimony, the singer recounts his personal experience and in particular the moment in which he found himself one step away from making a drastic choice.

«I can’t help but think of that 19-year-old girl who killed herself in the bathroom of her university, leaving written “I have failed everything in life”. And no, at 19 you haven’t failed anything. But I thought so too when I was 19. I traveled 600 kilometers a week to go and be told I wouldn’t make it, while my first girlfriend died without a reason, and the second left me because of the distance. The only moment I thought about giving up everything, but even stronger than wanting to disappear – wrote Lodo Guenzi – Looking at him now was a moment, I’m almost ashamed to say. But at that moment it seemed the only way out logic, the only way. I don’t even know why I write this, and I don’t know if it’s a question of excellence within the training course, as it has always been, or much more the fact that the world of work outside guarantees survival only for those who excel, sacrificing the rights to production times, and transforming school no longer into a gymnasium where you can make mistakes, but into a taste of tomorrow’s frustrations. I would like to tell a girl that it’s not you that I really understand that thought. But that if you resist in that moment, it may be that it was a moment for you. And come on, really. #university”.

The 36-year-old frontman of the Bolognese band has launched a strong message of empathy and understanding and joins the chorus of public figures who have recounted their fragility to raise awareness on the subject. Tyler Perry spoke about a suicide attempt in recent weeksjust like Constance Wu did a few months ago, who revealed that she tried to take her own life.

Just these days Paolo Genovese is talking about it at the cinema with the film Ithe first day of my lifewhile Prince Harry’s memoir is in the library, Shoot (published by Mondadori): the pages also retrace the thoughts of death that crowded the mind of his wife Meghan Markle, during the couple’s life in London.

To share experiences and find support, the World Suicide Prevention Daywhich takes place every year on 10 September.

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