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London: Christmas tree provokes reactions – Residents wonder where the rest is

When the Christmas tree, its annual gift Of Norway to London, arrived at Trafalgar Square and placed the passers-by saw it and began to wonder: “fine, what is the rest?”. For days now, the tree… has been concerned about its simple appearance and has provoked a variety of comments.

Some even called it a national shame, while the English newspaper called it «The Sun» described it as half-dead. Others joked about it United Kingdom is at war with the Norwegians and treats them that way or is it… retaliation because the Manchester United recently fired the Norwegian coach Ole Gunnar Solskier!

Even the Norwegians themselves wonder how this particular fir tree, 18 meters high, was given as a gift by Oslo in the London. “The main problem is that the issue was dealt with by people who have no contact with the specific industry. “Things would be very different if the government entrusted it to someone who knows what he is doing,” he told the English media. Eric Lonum, in charge of Christmas Tree Company specializing in Christmas trees at Norway.

THE Marian Borgen, mayor of Oslo, however, stressed that what counts is the gesture and not the gift. “They (the English) like to complain. “The one in 2019 told me it was like a cucumber,” he told «The Times» and continued: “the tree is not really a tree, but a symbol of solidarity and friendship between the two cities. It’s a gift of love. “

Of course, its inhabitants London they did not see it that way when some people put the pictures from the lighting of the tree of its capital side by side England with her from the illumination of her tree New York, which is richer and more τε grande than English. The Londoners felt that their own was at a disadvantage, although in the last few hours supporters of the tree appeared and decided to show their love for him and not to let anyone το shame him.

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