Long hair: tips and remedies to keep them healthy and shiny

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It is not said that summer necessarily rhymes with short cuts. If daring scissors help to cope with high temperatures while giving a glamorous look, it is also true that long hair they always keep their charm. As long as they are taken care of properly. A bit like the healthy, full-bodied and soft hair shown by the volcanic and chameleon-like hair J Lo in this series of photos posted on instagram.

To begin with? Giving a little cut every now and then, to clean up the lengths of thinned and worn ends, is the first step.

Pena, a dull and empty hair as he explains Elisabetta Cucco, hairstylist Jean Louis David. “Split ends, if not eliminated, split the hair in two making it weak.”

We asked her for some advice on taking care of long hair.

«The first step is to cut them regularly (1 centimeter every 5-6 weeks is enough, depending on the type of hair) because the final part of the lengths, with the brushing and treatments to which they are subjected, thins. Result, split ends, which, if not eliminated, they split the hair in two making it weak. This does not mean shortening but giving new shape and fullness. “

«Other suggestions: avoid washing your hair and comb it upside down because, in this way, it works against the cuticle. The scales that make up the hair shaft are open and make the hair knot. In this way, when combed, they tend to break. I recommend washing them in the shower starting from the head, on which we will proceed with a massage performed with the fingertips in rotary motion that helps oxygenate the hair bulbs and reactivate the microcirculation, promoting healthy and dynamic growth. After applying a specific mask, it can be combed from root to tip with a wide-toothed, wooden comb that does not create friction. Before drying with the hair dryer, since the hair is afraid of heat, it is good to always apply a thermo-protector. You can use hot air, just keep the right distance (about 20 centimeters) between the hairdryer and the hair. The choice of tools is also very important, and therefore it is good to move towards hairdryers that have more than a choice of temperature and air speed, professional hair straighteners and curlers and brushes and combs that are of excellent quality materials, to avoid breaking hair.”

«Prevention goes a long way. A winning solution is to apply a few drops of on the tips every day vegetable oil (Argan, Jojoba, Linseed), which holds the cuticles of which the hair is made closed and smooths the lengths giving new light and lightness. Another solution, especially if the hair is dry, is to use nourishing leave-in shampoo products, with an immediate smoothing and elasticizing action. They form a protective film on the lengths that keeps the stem compact, reinforcing it and protecting it from external aggressions and brushing. “

In the gallery a roundup of long cuts from which to take inspiration and ad hoc remedies.

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