The sunscreen products with high SPF for a safe tan

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More and more environmentally friendly, biodegradable, with very light and super comfortable textures, but always with high protection. Solar for summer 2021 they are performing and skin friendly with increasingly targeted formulas. On Amazon land best-selling protections at the moment are all high and very high: among the top five there are the photoprotectors with Spf 50 + of the Isdin brand, the fluid with high resistance and protection +50 Anthelios Shaka ed Age Correct by La Roche Posay (brand that among other things has launched ecological packs with 45% less plastic than previous plastic tubes) and lor Australian Gold protective and self-tanning spray (with SPF 50). Among the novelties, there is no shortage of sunscreens for polluted environments and serums with a high protection factor, also excellent as a make-up base. And then the evergreen and very comfortable solar sticks, to be carried in your handbag and passed on specific areas such as lips, spots, moles and tattoos.

In short, never without solar, starting with a very high protection factor. We remember that skin cancers are among the most common in the world, with a higher incidence than those in the breast, prostate or colorectal. In Italy there are tens of thousands of new cases every year. To help reduce skin cancer numbers, the US National Council for the Prevention of Skin Cancer established the last Friday in May the Don’t Fry Day (literally Day not to get burned) for encourage awareness of solar safety and to remind everyone to protect their skin while outdoors. On the same day, May 28 this year, the National Suncreen Day, which points out how much solar can save the skin in all senses.

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Also in Italy there is action: in all Lidl Italia points of sale, for example, for each Cien Sun solar purchased, chosen from a selection of high protection products, the Company will donate 50 cents to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation to contribute to support a year of work by a researcher engaged in the study and treatment of skin cancers. To encourage constant protection during sun exposure egmake the myth that high protection factor creams do not make you tan, the activity will concern the sale of Cien Sun solar products with SFP 30, 50 and 50+, including those specific for children.

«Solar products are the most complex formulations to make because they have the functionality of protecting and creating a barrier between the sun and the skin organ. We now classify the sun as sick, but it is always the same, it irradiates our planet with UVA, UVB, UVC, which we have polluted thus thinning the atmosphere. Fortunately for us, UVC rays are still retained but the power of UVA and UVB reaches our skin and penetrates differently. For this reason it is important that the solar, for maximum safety, has inside both chemical filters that dissipate heat and damage to the photo-aging UVA, that physicists that reflect the UVB ray protecting from burning and erythema. This combination makes us safe in every vacation and work place. Assets are another important factor which must contain aloe vera, horsetail, horse chestnut, allantoin, Vitamin E, jojoba oil, apricot oil, coconut oil, moisturizing factors, to counteract the formation of free radicals, support microcirculation and the formation of spots “, specifies Andrea Righetti, cosmetologist and pharmacist, who launched his own line of double filter solar products.

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«The safety of the solar product is guaranteed by the way of use: apply the appropriate amount 30 minutes before exposure, about 36 grams for the body of an average adult. Reapply the sunscreen every 2/3 hours, especially after swimming and / or after intense sweating », continues the expert.

The Veronesi Foundation then drafted others tips to protect your skin in the sun come: do not expose yourself in the central hours of the day: the sun’s rays reach the skin even in the shade, albeit with less intensity. Let’s not forget the cream even if we are under the umbrella. Avoid or minimize artificial tan (to protect the health of the skin of the youngest, in Italy sunbeds and tanning lamps are prohibited by law for minors under the age of 18. Regularly carry out a dermatological examination: it is important to keep skin blemishes and moles under control.

To get a tan in complete safety, in the gallery all the latest sun products for face and body with Spf 30, 50 and 50+.

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