Longing for the snow? Escape the obvious and fly to Park City

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Add soft snow, activities for the whole family, accommodation with all the comfort and good food and the winter destination it will be perfect. This and much more can be found in Park City, city in the west of the USA which is very close to Salt Lake City, capital of the state of Utah.

The destination is easily accessible from Salt Lake City International Airport, just 35 minutes away by car – good news for those traveling with children.

Park City is considered one of the largest resort cities in the country and has two main resorts that function as ski resorts. together, the Park City Mountain it’s the Deer Valley Resort occupy almost 40 thousand hectares of area, a space dedicated to snow sports.

I was there with my husband and two daughters during this year’s Spring Break in mid-March, and I can guarantee there is guaranteed fun for all ages even in sub-zero temperatures.

Speaking of cold weather, the region has a super differential: the snow that falls there is considered one of the best in the world. The explanation is in the proximity to the Great Salt Lake, famous salt lake that removes moisture from the cold front and makes the flakes fall dry and light.

The result is a fluffy snow, like “powder”, like those scenes in a movie where the characters play little angels on the ground, perfect for practicing sports.

The luxury of the seasons deserves a separate chapter. To give you a quick idea, Deer Valley has been named the best ski resort in the world six times. The area was the first in North America to offer first-rate visitor service, something akin to a five-star hotel.


When it comes to Park City, snow attractions quickly come to mind. The best time to get to know the city and its surroundings is really during the North American winter, between the months of December and March. The main stations there offer great slopes for the practice of extreme sports on the ice, such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, among others. But there are differences between what one season and another offers.

Park City Mountain has more than 3,000 acres of skiable area and 340 slopes for tourists of all skill levels and ages to venture out. The place is also very well served by shopping and dining options. Deer Valley, a five-star resort, does not allow snowboarders access, which further fuels the Olympic skiing culture within the property.

However, Park City is not only the ideal route for the practice of snow sports. Leaving the slopes, we discovered other activities that I must share: o Utah Olympic Park, which guards the state’s Olympic heritage, is one of them. The place hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and there is also the ski museum, with many interactive activities.

Another cool attraction besides the seasons is Woodward, a park with activities outdoor e indoor. We love to practice tubing there, which is nothing more than using a giant buoy to slide down a snow-covered track. Once inside a covered area protected from the cold, it is possible to jump on giant trampolines and descend wooden ramps with skateboards and mountain bikes – which can be rented right there.


When it comes to hosting, my suggestion is the Sheraton Park CityWell-located hotel with free shuttle every 10 minutes to the slopes. The van also takes you to the charming Main Street, a small central street in the city that looks like a Christmas movie that brings together boutiques and galleries, as well as bars and restaurants perfect for refueling after skiing.

We chose Sheraton for its location and found a hotel that, first and foremost, is very comfortable and full of services. A dip in the heated pool is ideal after a day of skiing, and the fire pits, bonfires overlooking the mountains, is a good option to end the day warming up with the family.

It is worth mentioning that the buffet-style breakfast makes children happy with waffles. In addition, we booked an exclusive room for our family for dinner – we delight in the cold cuts board.

But, in addition to this Sheraton, the city has many other equally incredible hotels from several large chains, such as the Waldorf Astoria, Marriott, Best Western, Hyatt, among others, which vary in prices and services offered.

Another option is also to stay within the aforementioned resorts such as Park City Mountain and Deer Valley. Both offer facilities within their properties that vary in size, price, and location.


When it comes to gastronomy, I must mention the starred restaurants that are located inside the stations and those that make the city’s central street even more charming.

You can go skiing, for example, to the only distillery ski-in of the world, the High West. There, the team offers educational distillation tours and teaches visitors how to make whiskey and vodka, as well as offering a full-service bar with a tasting room and alpine-inspired cuisine.

You can even make your own gin with Gin Experience from Alpine Distilling, which allows guests to make infusions and create their own bottles of the drink.

On the menus of these and other establishments there are options for all tastes, but among so many restaurants, I highlight the Wasatch Brewery. It won our heart not only for the dishes, but also – and most importantly – for the tent that allows you to dine with total exclusivity and privacy, all-important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

My tip there is to order several starters accompanied by craft beer. As a main course, I suggest the Shrimp Scampi Linguini, which comes with roasted tomatoes, red pepper flakes and lemon parmesan cream sauce, helping to replenish energy lost during activities in the snow.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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