Lorella Cuccarini to Raffaella Carrà: “The most loved by Italians will always be you”

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The messages of condolence are no longer counted for Raffaella Carrà, disappeared on July 5. To reserve a thought for her, fans, friends and many colleagues, both those who have considered a piece of work with her, and those who have just touched her, like Lorella Cuccarini.

“I would like to tell you many things. In our house you have always been a myth “, wrote the showgirl entrusting her memory to a story on Instagram. «For me an untouchable point of reference, together with Carla Fracci.

I grew up in the constant dilemma of which of you two I prefer. In just six weeks, I had to help you. With immense pain, ”he added.

“The first time I walked into a television studio it was for a participation in one of your shows. I was very young and I had a bout of hives from the thrill of being in front of you. With Carla I shared many beautiful moments. I have not had the same luck with you, but nothing and no one will ever scratch what you have meant in my life. If I hadn’t been there, there would have been no variety and entertainment television. The most loved by the Italians you were and will always remain you. “Dance, dance, dance without breath”. Have a good trip”.

Raffaella carrà died in a Roman clinic, at the age of 78, after having fought for a long time against an ugly disease. To give the announcement, on Monday afternoon, the companion of all time Sergio Iapino: «Raffaella has left us. She went to a better world, where her humanity, her unmistakable laugh and her extraordinary talent will shine forever. “

To greet her, Wednesday 6 July, there will be a procession through the streets of her Rome, the city that welcomed her very young and where she always lived, and that will stop in the symbolic places of her television career: the RAi del Foro Auditorium Italico, the historic headquarters of RAI, in via Teulada 66, and then in front of the Teatro delle Vittorie. The coffin will then be taken to the funeral home, set up in the Campidoglio, while the funeral will be celebrated on Friday, in the church of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli.

The fans of the national Raffa, of course, will not be missing. For a last, heartfelt, symbolic hug.

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