Lottie Zadeh: Who is the scientist that Google honors with Doodle

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THE Lottie Zadech he was a versatile man. Mathematician, computer scientist, electrical engineer, one of the first to deal with artificial intelligence and professor at University of Berkeley. Today, he is honored with the Google doodle as he remained as he went down in history for his pioneering ideas about vague sets and vague logic. He presented them on November 30, 1964.

Born in Baku of Azerbaijan (then Soviet Union) on February 4, 1921, lived there until he was about ten years old when his family moved to Iran and more specifically in Tehran. There he studied at the local university and then spread his wings and went on USA. where he studied at WITH and to Columbia.

Having started with mathematics, the Zandech made… an opening to philosophy, seeking in a different way to give answers to “deep” questions that have occupied people for centuries. Above all, however, he wanted to simulate human logic to solve problems of a mathematical nature.

So he thought outside the box and presented the vague logic and vague sets in an effort to give his audience a different perspective on how they should see the evolution of the world. Since then, many scientists have relied on his views.

On a practical level, the theory is applied in clinical medicine, in construction, in industry, in economics, in artificial intelligence. More typical examples of application of his theory Lottie Zadech is her subway Japan and the algorithm used to ensure that vehicles do not slip and stay safely on the road.

In his vague logic Zandech, every proposition is true with a degree of participation between 0 and 1. Fuzzy logic is therefore an extension of classical logic, so that it can attribute truth values ​​to a proposition between true and false. That is, a proposition can be true with some degree of truth, just as human logic works. He left his last breath in 2017.

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