A New Zealand MP went on a bicycle to give birth in a maternity hospital when she was in pain

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An MP in New Zealand She went to the maternity hospital on Sunday (28/11) when she was in pain and gave birth an hour later. “Great news!” the politician of Greens posted on her page at Facebook a few hours later.

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“At 3.04 a.m. this morning we welcomed the youngest member of our family. “I really did not intend to go by bike having given birth, but in the end it happened”, wrote the Julie Ann Gender.

The representative of their party Greens for Transport issues he did not do it for the first time since he had done it again three years ago when he was Minister of Transport and Women’s Affairs and she had ridden to the maternity hospital to give birth to her first child, a baby boy.

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The 41-year-old politician, who was born on USA, is a well-known proponent of cycling.

As she added: “My contractions were not so bad when we left at 2 in the morning to go to the hospital – although they were 2-3 minutes apart and increased in intensity when we arrived 10 minutes later.”

“And somewhat unexpectedly we have a healthy, happy little girl who sleeps, like her dad,” she also commented. Gender who moved to his country Pacific in 2006.

The first active MP to become a mother in New Zealand was in 1970, while in 1983 another MP became the first to breastfeed in the House.

In June 2018 the Jacinda Ardern became the second incumbent prime minister to have a child. In fact, she had taken her three-month-old baby with her to a meeting United States while still breastfeeding.

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