Tablado is the newest Cultural and Intangible Heritage in the state of Rio

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The theater school “O Tablado” was declared, this Monday (29), Cultural and Intangible Heritage of the State of Rio. Law 9,479/21 was sanctioned and published in the Official Gazette by Governor Cláudio Castro.

The course was founded in October 1951 by the Brazilian writer and playwright Maria Clara Machado together with a group of 15 artists. Based in Jardim Botânico, in the South Zone of the capital, O Tablado has already trained more than five thousand professionals in performing arts.

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After four years of foundation, O Tablado took to the stage one of its greatest hits “Pluft, o Fantasminha”, written by Maria Clara Machado. The play gained international recognition, being translated into several languages ​​and staged in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Currently, the play is on display. However, due to the pandemic, the show is being performed online.

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In the beginning, “O Tablado” consisted of a simple room with a rudimentary stage, used for amateur theatrical presentations, with insufficient chairs to accommodate the public. Currently, the school has around 700 students and more than 20 teachers, armchairs, canteen, foyer, secretariat, dressing rooms, rehearsal and production room, in addition to lighting, sound and refrigeration machinery.

Now, “O Tablado” joins other Intangible Heritage in the state, such as Roda de Capoeira and the Festa do Divino Espírito Santo in Paraty.

*Under supervision of Isabelle Resende

Reference: CNN Brasil

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