Love Wins everything. Marisa and Marco, on the cover of Vanity Fair: 101 and 102 years, together for 80

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After the success of the number starring Pope francesco, which recorded + 38% on newsstands compared to the same number of the previous year, and the digital campaign #iomivaccino, with over 4.6 MIO impressions, 4.4 MIO total reach, 59.3k video views, 92k total engagement and numerous well-known faces involved, Vanity Fair comes out on newsstands with a special issue dedicated to love.

“Like every year, on the anniversary of the feast of lovers, in the editorial office we asked ourselves how to tell love in the time of Covid-19” the director Simone Marchetti writes in his editorial. “This year there is also a special anniversary: ​​twenty years ago it arrived on the screens of cinemas The last Kiss, the film by Gabriele Muccino that thrilled an entire country. We therefore thought of imagining the first kiss we will give each other once the virus has left us. And here is the genesis of this cover: to celebrate the affection, the strength, the tenderness of a generation that has seen it all. The war, the pain, the fear. The reconstruction of Italy, the sweat of conquests, the tears of defeats. All to then face, finally, the most cowardly enemy: a virus that does not even have the courage to be seen ».

So he becomes the protagonist of the cover the kiss of Marisa Stradella (101) and Marco Razzini (102) who have loved each other for 80 years. Their bond, born in a Milan at war, was not lost even when Marco, a prisoner in Russia, was unable to give news of himself for more than three years during which Marisa never lost hope that they would see each other again. . They have never separated since his return. And now, after three children, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, their love story continues.

The tale of this generation continues with Stefano Bozzino, the alpine who had traveled around the world playing the accordion under the window of the hospital where his wife was hospitalized. For the first time he tells of the recent death of his beloved and of the love that never ends. The image of their kiss symbolizes a life manual that tells what love is.

A love capable of winning everything and that also returns within the pages of the issue through the stories of other protagonists: Penelope e Alessandro, 18 and 19 years old who knew each other by sight, but fell in love exchanging messages during the first lockdown.

Together for 16 and a half years, web influencer Linda Tol and photographer Renwe Jules four months ago they became Louie Gene’s parents, a gift that was made to wait for.

Men, success, disappointments, the strength to go forward always and in any case: the actress Serena Grandi, protagonist of the new film by Pupi Avati She speaks to me yet, story of an endless love, tells the lights and shadows of a life lived with passion. From the first to the last kiss.

Finally there is Samuel Bersani. After seven years of silent recording he is back with a new album and a song that is the sequel to In and Xanax, the hymn to a love of two people who shared panic attacks and the desire to accept their fears. Today, in the interview with Vanity Fair, after the end of that love, with the song Your memory, the singer-songwriter explains that he closes a circle with the past and tells of the creative block that had paralyzed him.

The story also continues on the social profiles of Vanity Fair, with a call to action that will be launched on Instagram to all the illustrators of the network, invited to to tell about Love with an unpublished drawing. The editorial staff will choose the most beautiful and representative creations of the theme, which will be published on the social channels of Vanity Fair during the week of Valentine’s Day. Not only that: the authors with the most interesting social profiles will also appear on a dedicated page on the number of Vanity Fair out February 10.

In conjunction with the release of this issue, Vanity Fair launches its new app which offers a unique digital experience as it is enriched by special contents and many new customizable features. In addition to the possibility of reading all the articles published on the site in real time (in reading format for mobile and tablet), only those who download the app are provided with exclusive contents: in the “Popular on Vanity” section you can find out what they are reading every day other users of Vanity Fair, while in the #hottopic one keeps an eye on the most popular themes of the moment; in the video section you will find all the news in video format, with music and subtitles, to be scrolled comfortably; in a dedicated section, the most popular Vanity Fair podcasts have been collected. Finally, the app allows you to browse the preview of the latest issue of the magazine currently on newsstands. For subscribers it is possible to read the magazine comfortably, for those who are not yet it can conveniently pay with Apple Pay / Google Pay by purchasing a single issue or a subscription for up to one year.

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