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Luana Piovani reacts after Whindersson Nunes defends Neymar: “Full of BO”

The actress Luana Piovani 47, used social media this Friday (7) to criticize the comedian Whindersson Nunes 29, after he defended the player Neymar, 32. Last week, Piovani and the athlete exchanged insults because they disagreed about the PEC das Praias.

Whindersson made a post on X, formerly Twitter, about his friendship with Neymar after the negative repercussions of the player’s comment in favor of the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC). He also reinforced an initiative by Neymar’s sister to use her brother’s jet to deliver donations to people affected by the rains in Rio Grande do Sul, although he criticized the privatization of beaches.

“Ney’s sister, Rafa, simply ordered Ney’s jet to deliver eight drones to bring food and water to stranded people, without blinking, without asking for a favor, difficult nowadays”, he wrote in the post at the time. “Thank you Rafa for the bridge, to Ney for the jet, and to the people for donating the money from operations, I leave my friend Ney the voice to speak for himself [sic].”

Now, Luana Piovani has publicly spoken out about Whindersson’s action. “The guy is full of BO guys and is coming to defend the ignoble?”, she wrote in her Instagram story. “Funny, you’re going to suck up to your therapist and your psychiatrist, they deserve their lines”, wrote the actress.

On X, some people criticized the comedian’s argument and Luana Piovani took the opportunity to share one of them.

“Winderson saying that you can’t criticize Neymar because he didn’t think twice about sending 8 drones to help and distribute food in RS. My friend, if I earned 1 million a day like Neymar, I would be ashamed to say that my greatest action was to send 8 drones”, says the post.

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Understand the Neymar x Luana Piovani controversy

Neymar recorded a video supporting PEC das Praias, which caused actress Luana Piovani to publish a video on her Instagram account criticizing Neymar: “He is not an idol and would like his children to forget him”.

“It could be that the woman he’s with thinks he’s a great father. But we need to have discernment to see that she is living a fantasy, right? She thinks she’s having a good time,” Luana said in the publication.

Source: CNN Brasil

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